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[PDF included] The report of global mobile advertisement in the Q3 of 2018: The flow of Playable Ads is beyond the expectation

During the Q3 of 2018, in the type distribution of the global game advertisers, the proportion of “role-playing” games is the highest, and the adverting form is mainly the creative videos; in the type distribution of the tool advertisers, the … Read More

ZingFront Won the Most Noteworthy Company of Smart Marketing

On September 13th, the 5th GoldenBit award ceremony of the 2018 Summit on Mobile Smart Marketing was held in Beijing. Representatives from Internet enterprises, smart marketing service providers, media sectors and research institutions came together to discuss the way to … Read More

Ascending to be a global partner of Facebook, ZingFront can produce a 3D playable advertisement within 1min

As AI technology accelerates in penetrating into the advertising marketing and Chinese companies enhances their awareness of globalization, AI creativity and smart marketing turns to be a wind indicator for commercial advertising across the world. The Facebook Marketing Partner program … Read More

A Fierce Competition among E-commerce Platforms during Chinese Valentine’s Day: An Originality-oriented Sweet Marketin

Based on the data of “ E-commerce Advertising in Chinese Valentine’s Day” tracked from Jul. 20 to Aug. 20 of 2018, ZingFront Data Team analyzes the innovative advertising of  e-commerce. The report focuses on classification, channels and originality of the … Read MoreRead More

Analysis of Facebook’s global mobile advertising trend in July

By the second quarter of 2018, the number of Facebook’s monthly active users reached 2.23 billion, realizing a year-on-year growth of 11% and an increase of 1.37% compared with the first quarter, while the number of daily monthly active users … Read More