Facebook video ads insight sharing of Zynga’s “Dawn of Titans”

After 20 months of test, Zynga has finally released the legendary game “Dawn of Titans” globally at the end of 2016. It’s the first ever mobile game with console game quality, with unmatched experience and art style. Looking at the details, even for the small soldiers during a fight, they each have different actions and an independent 3D model. Within three weeks since release, “Dawn of Titans” has quickly climbed up in top grossing charts. In United States, it has entered top 50 in both Google Play and Apple store within a week. You may wonder how “Dawn of Titans” is promoted and how do they acquire users. With data from SocialPeta Creative, a big data tool for ads creative insights, we’ve found that “Dawn of Titans” has invested heavily on Facebook, Google Admob, and Youtube. Especially, they’ve used many video creatives for their ads, which is a key takeaway worth advertisers to learn from. In this article, we’ll share some tips to see how “Dawn of Titans” has leveraged video ads to increase CRT AND conversion rate.

According to SocialPeta Creative, “Dawn of Titans” started to test with Facebook ads in early 2015 at small scale. Right after it’s released globally in Dec 2016, Dawn of Titans” started to run Facebook ads heavily in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, and Latin American. They’ve used 60 video ads within three weeks, accounting for 52% of all their creative types. Particularly in countries with good network connection (US, Europe, Australia), video ads account for 61% of all their ads form. Their ads have reached tens of millions of users, with an exposure rate of 4.6%.

You may wonder what tactics “Dawn of Titans” has leveraged in their video ads and how is the performance. You may want to find pattern of good performing videos and learn from it. SocialPeta has captured these useful information, and here are two video creative examples. 

Video Creative Example 1: short video to emphasis key theme of the game

This creative is not a simple screen recording of the game. Zynga has invested a lot on its story line. First of all, the background and main characters in the video have strong contrast color. According to SocialPeta’s data of millions of creative analysis, strong contrast color style is more likely to catch user’s attention, and therefore has higher CTR.

Secondly, although the video is only 5-second long, it highlights the most attractive part of the game, which meets player’s psychological need and raise excitement after they watch the video. Users are attracted and curious of the real game, and after they download it, they will find that the main theme of the game is in line with what they’ve seen in the video, therefore they are likely to stay. In this case, the creative not only enhances CTR, but also helps to enhance conversion rate.

Video Creative Example 2: put most popular character in the ad

According to SocialPeta statistics, this creative has got millions of impressions in North America within 14 days. Zynga has tested “Dawn of Titans” for a long time and have accumulated large amount of data. Zynga has analyzed those data and found out the most popular character during test phase. They then developed a storyline for that popular and converted it into a video ad, reflecting the power of titan. Once new users see the ad, they’re highly likely to react similarly to the test users, and go to download the game because of the character and the story. The key takeaway here is to leverage data collected during test phase to design your ads strategy.

Besides the above two, “Dawn of Titans” has also produced many video ads with drama storyline. You can find more examples and details from SocialPeta’s website: http://zingfront.cn/.