How Donald Trump won president election leveraging Facebook, Youtube, and Google ads

While Obama gave his last speech in the White House, Donald Trump’s inauguration day is approaching. Unlike previous US presidents, Trump’s win of the President election is controversial, dramatic, and for many people, disruptive. No matter how you hate it or like it, Donald Trump, the billionaire, will be in the house. In the spirit of serious gossip, I am curious how Trump and Hillary have leveraged digital ads, especially Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads, to influence public opinion for their campaigns.


I’ve heard that an ads spy tool, SocialPeta, can check all ads on popular social media including Facebook and Youtube, so I searched “Trump” and “Hillary” in it. Unbelievably, there’re many interesting games, apps, and ads saying good words for Trump, while I hardly found any ads from Hillary, on Facebook. Unlike Hillary who has an obvious stronger share of voice on traditional mainstream media, Trump’s campaign team seems really good at influencing normal people with entertaining games and spread the word with social media.


For example, since Americans like to play slot games (25% of top grossing games are slot games), Trump’s campaign team seems to leverage this and has sponsored a game called “Slot: Trump vs. Hillary Clinton”. The game’s creative on Facebook has Trump’s big winning smile and thumb up. The ad has over 1 million view and impression according SocialPeta. By developing this game and spread it on social media, Trump has won popularity among Americans.

Another game “Never Hillary Clinton” is very straightforward in its political position. The ad creative is a big “H” with a cross-out as following. From the app description, the game is claimed to be developed by a 13-year-old kid. No matter the developer is a kid or Trump’s campaign team, the ad is popular on Facebook and has over 100 K impressions/views.


Action game “Trump VS Hillary” sounds neutural form the name, however the ad creative, Trump spliting Hillary, reflects its policial position clearly.

“$hillary” puts a ironical dollar sign on top of Hillary’s face, to reinforce Hillary’s image as a lier. This app, apparently, is from Trump’s supporters, or directly from his campaign team.


Adventure game “Hillary‘s Email Adventure” and roll play game “Hide it Hillary” leveraged the email scandal to defame Hillary. We’ve found ads from these two games on both Facebook and Google.


The ad text of casual game “Special Delivery For Hillary” is very straightforward: stop Hillary from becoming the President of the United States. Same for adventure game “Trump The Winner”. Its ads creative positions Trump as the final winner, who is speaking to other candidates.




Trump is kind of a comedian who never watches his words, which could be troublesome for his campaign team to manage his public reputation. “Texts From Trump” is an app to push Trump’s words to users and entertain them. In this way it has smartly turned Trump’s controversial speech into entertaining talk shows, so Americans won’t take it too seriously. The following are ads about this app, where Trump’s humorous and good looking pictures are used as creative. By doing so, Trump’s campaign team has turned Trump from a flighty billionaire playboy into a talk show star with positive image.


Americans like superman and hero. “Super Trump – Epic Journey To The White House” and “Flapy Donald: Path to the White House” have leveraged this and have shaped Trump into a superman.



Simulation game ”TRUMP TYCOON: Donald’s Clicker” use “take over the world” as its ads slogan to cater the interest of some nationalists. While casual game “Tap for Trump” is more straightforward: “Help the Donald get as many votes he can”.



Adventure game “Trump Run” invites users to run together with Trump for the election. “Help Trump Avoid Bankruptcy” assumes that Trump has become the President and has made America great again, while he himself is about to go bankruptcy in the journey of making America great again. It invites users to get his back and help him avoid bankruptcy.


AR games have become popular since “Pokerman Go”. It’s surprisingly to see that Trump’s campaign team has even made an AR game “Trump Go”.

There are many Mexican immigrants in the States. To make up for Trump’s “great wall” opinion which has offended Mexican Americans, “Super Donald Trump” even has an ad in Spanish, targeting Mexican immigrants.



Compared will all games and ads praising Donald Trump, Hillary’s investment on digital ads is way less. Based on SocialPeta, I’ve only found a few ads and games that seems from Hillary’s campaign team. For example, “Don’t Let Trump Touch The Poop” has defamed Trump to skeleton. “Donald Trump Ninja” replace fruits with Trump’s head to be cut by users. “Kill Trump with Gun” is apparent from its name. “Heros vs Trump” invite users to stop Trump from being the President. “Punch the Trump” ask players to punch him. And “The Trump World War III” warns that Trump will cause the third world war if he became the President.




Overall, Trump and his team know well of normal American’s entertainment spirit and has leveraged this spirit to extreme. They have made large amount of games and apps to defame Hillary and enhance Trump’s public image. They have run many ads on social media, especially Facebook and Youtube. In this way Trump and his team have successfully won popularity and support from mass public. Trump’s team has leveraged classic internet and social marketing tactics, while Hillary’s team is still constrained to traditional media. Trump’s final win is thought-provoking.


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