ZingFront is launched products amazingly onin ChinaJjoy: brand-new Socialpetal3.0 & “surprise” video automated tool UnrealFront catch the eye!

1.2. This is the best era and the worst one as well.
According to the internet trend report by Internet Queen Mary Meeker at America-based Code Conference 2017, global internet users have exceeded 3.4 billion with a year-on-year growth of 10%, of which the growth of mobile advertisement has transcended that of PC ads.
Simultaneously, China’s internet has already entered a “golden era of online entertainment and sharing travel”. Paid content rises sharply. Chinese consumers are increasingly willing to pay such entertainment contents such as online games, live broadcasting online and online videos. In the game market, China exceeded USA and became the global first largest game market in 2016. Tencent and NetEase take a lead in global MOBA and MMORPG games.
It’s certain that mobile internet wave has entered into the second half at present. Although market timing exists, entry threshold is increasingly higher: much higher requirements of scientific marketing decision and business strategy have been raised for the latecomers who want to surpass the former in addition to time difference.
One of the most obvious changes is that demand in increasingly precise localization from mobile internet era towards target users, on the one hand, enables innovative ads form such as incentive rewarded video ads, primary information flownative feeds and scene marketing to constantly evolve new things formats from the old, and on the other hand, drives big data technology to be unceasingly developed and used as well. High-efficient marketing tool of big data is generated then.

2. Marketing intelligence Being towards death. Onlinesaas SocialPeta focusing on ads lauched its 3.0 version focusing on ads on China Joy & marketing & market analysis of big data comes online
SocialPeta, created under the background mentioned above, which is a high-efficient and convenient analytical tool of big data ads marketing developed by ZingFront, a marketing big data and video service provider second to none in the world, highlighting analysis of global ads creativcreative ity and gathering ads material analytics, social web celebritykey opinion influencers and related case study of marketing cases, covers nearly 40 regions and mainstream channels in the world, recommends ads creativity creatives of manufacturers app develpers in hot list and helps a lot of famous internet enterprises to establish scientific marketing decision and seize market opportunity by tracking dynamic ads of competitive products.
The change in marketing environment of mobile internet is completely rapid, . In such a sorting-out process, ZingFront that knows this fact very well market survival rule is always overcritical about the products with attitude of being-towards-death. Since SocialPeta came online in 2015, on the one hand, it devotes itself to accumulate millions and millions videos, photos, ads creativity creatives taking turns to be broadcasted to help numerous enterprises to succeed in conquering overseas global market; on the other hand, it is always close to user demands and constantly develops new channel and product function features to optimize user experience.


At the end of July, 2017, SocialPeta version3.0 comes online solemnly. It does not only take part in 2017 ChinaJoy with a brand-new feature but also optimizes product function in an all-around way and further satisfies enterprises’ ever-changing marketing demands:
1. Revision of home page: Product function can be seen from home page, where there are Top creations of various regions and channels, hot advertisers promoted globally and reminding of updated creativesity of tracking application in the last 7 days;
2. Domestic classification of App: According to several large domestic application markets, advertising analysis of segmented industry is added. Users can filter data and further optimize product experience in accordance with concrete classification;
3. Channel analysis contains overseas global and domestic channel analysis: type distribution creative trend of advertisers types, Top advertisers, dark horse advertisers and proportion of advertisement type of on global mainstream channel platform are clear at a glance.
4. Optimization of App analysis: Distribution of advertising channel & distribution of material type and main channels and advertisement form of competitive products may be grasped by pressing one key!

5. List: giant hot promotion returns all corners of the country. The most vigorous material that comes online as a blockbuster helps you to select advertising materials deeply popular with advertisers recently;
6. Japanese and Korean local channels: Japanese Ameba(アメーバ), SmartNews(スマートニュース) and Korean NAVER(네이버), Daum(다음) and Nate(네이트).
4. All things grow. Chinajoy and ZingFront jointly bring “mysterious surprise” and catch the eye in Shanghai this time.

Progress instead of suspension should be always in mind. The surprise ZingFront brings this time is a result of constant progress: Mysterious veil of new product Unreal Front researched and developed with great concentration all the time is uncovered ultimately. It is an automated software of special effect, processing and production of video and a tool of video production of video with core patent and semi-automated production of 3D video with innovative technology, which can greatly improve video experience and production efficiency. Combining your imaginative screenplay with figure, model and animation, a novel creative video with high quality can be generated in 10 minutes on UnrealFront platform.

“Data for decision-making and Video for winning first chance” is not only a magic weapon for mobile internet to make scientific marketing and promotion, it is also the purpose of ZingFront’s cultivating meticulously such two tools as SocialPeta and UnrealFront to facilitate enterprises’ seeking high efficient and precision marketing.