UnrealFront semi-automatic video production leads the trend of new experience for VR / AR advertising

One falling leaf indicates the coming fall. On 21st September, the annual TGS2017 (TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017) will open at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City and last four days. As the world’s leading big data and video service provider, ZingFront has been committed to mobile Internet marketing technologies and services for overseas markets, and certainly will not miss this industry feast. We will bring luxury upgraded version of SocialPeta and UnrealFront at 4-N05 booth in TGS Hall to display the latest achievements of big data marketing analysis and the semi-automatic production technology of 3D video advertising. In the meantime, we will have an in-depth exchange of cutting-edge technologies, share valuable experiences with counterparts. Welcome to join us and discuss cooperation together!

With the luxury upgraded services, SocialPeta keep an appointment for great kindness of clients

As China’s first marketing data analysis tool, SocialPeta has now covered nearly 50 countries and regions after several updates and iterations and evolved truly into a third-party data marketing analysis tool with the fastest updates and the most extensive channels in the world.

In addition to extensive coverage on most influential domestic and international channels, Materials for Wechat and Electronic Commerce channels as well as the most influential channels in Japan and South Korea are officially online too. SocialPeta has nearly materials of 40 channels, combining advertising materials with Internet celebrities and Marketing cases, and provides services such as social marketing, video marketing and online marketing. You only take three seconds to do self-analysis of millions of advertising and marketing data and completely meet the all-directional requirements of global business owners in respect to advertising materials!

1、Japan and South Korea channels – you’re worth it

In addition to the materials of global and domestic mainstream channels, SocialPeta was rooted in local market and made the most of the value of local channels; it also bring mainstream channels of Japan and South Korea into its services and enriched the materials for overseas markets

2. Cool incoming E-Commerce materials

The world has witnessed the great potential of E-Commerce from the development of the industry giant Alibaba. China has always been in the front line of E-Commerce business, and 1.3 billion population also makes China the most attractive market for E-Commerce business. Thus its marketing and promotion became the objects that global E-Commerce business seeks to emulate. As the competition is intensified in the region, many E-Commerce giants have turned their eyes to overseas, developed overseas markets and cultivating the purchasing habits of overseas customers appeal to many E-Commerce business. Based on this, SocialPeta launched E-Commerce materials as soon as possible, aiding E-Commerce business explore overseas markets, capture the global market, and get ahead of others in marketing!

3. Search advertising go live domineeringly

In the development of a completely unfamiliar market, the search advertising is still an essential way to acquire the first batch of customer.
SocialPeta recently launched search advertising on China’s top three search engines (Baidu, Sogou, 360), and the selection of both keywords and materials helps to analyze search advertising revenue.

UnrealFront semi-automatic video production leads the trend of new experience for VR / AR advertising

The theme of TGS2017 is “Reality Unlocked”. More and more games became too real due to the evolution of game production technology. The goal of TGS is to provide a brand new experience. AR and MR technology products will be exhibited in VR area while e-sports and Home consoles as well as smart phone games also have their own independent exhibition area.

UnrealFront’s recent breakthrough in the VR advertising production technology, which happens to coincide with one theme of the exhibition, namely new trend of VR / AR game experience, is an indispensable tool for efficient production of advertising.

In TGS2017, ZingFront gains valuable experience through communicating with many peers and benefits a lot from it; SocialPeta and UnrealFront win a lot of praises and attention and help a wider range of customers at home and abroad in intelligent marketing and efficient promotion – you’re worth it!