ZingFront Launches Brand-new “Playable Ads”, Set Interaction Ads to Explode in Game Industry

Recent pages are flooded by no doubt “Super Heroes”, which have won a box office far higher than the other on-show films. It is undisputed to say that we live in an era of eyeball economy, and those who can catch users’ eyes are winners. As for game ads, a combination of visually impacted pics and exaggerated words is losing attraction to players rapidly. In this condition, Playable Ads is sure to be the next “Super Hero” of this industry.

Deep interactive ads: the inexorable trend of game marketing

Playable Ads, also called “Micro-game”, is a kind of high-quality and highly-interactive ad idea that allows for a tentative play without downloading the game itself, thus providing a completely immersive user experience and effectively improving users’ stay time and promotion effect. Such ad usually sustains only 30-60 seconds, occupies a very small CPU, loads up quickly, offers a high sense of involvement, hence is loved by users. According to the latest survey by AdColony, 71% advertisers recognize the effect of such ads. It is also estimated that the revenue of Playable Ads this year can be up to USD 200 million.

As a comprehensive SaaS software provider aiming at helping enterprises to improve their efficiency and return-on-investment using intelligent technology, ZingFront, based on its sensitive perception on the present market and the urgent demand of game ad industry, has launched a very fresh Playable Ad function in its brand product SocialPeta. It has also started three cooperation channels focusing on ad games, i.e. UnityAds, AppLovin and Chartboost. Through this function, advertisers are possible to test the prevailing Playable Ad ideas, thought of your competitor’s ad, and to efficiently and conveniently produce materials of Playable Ads.

SocialPeta: an intelligent housekeeper for advertisers

While advertisers prefer the new-form, high-conversion-rate Playable Ads, the fabrication process of a good Playable Ad is as intricate as developing a whole game, including a series of professional tasks like plot designing, value setting, UI designing, coding and debugging—those are never easy even for game companies and ad agents.

By virtue of data accumulation above the industry average and an accurate and efficient data analysis capability, ZingFront has integrated and developed a set of UI assembly and plot layout tools and provided rich GUI presets to accelerate the production of Playable Ad materials. This makes it possible for ad marketers who do not have programming capabilities to smoothly produce high-quality playable ads. SocialPeta platform, owing to its powerful data capture and analysis capabilities, not only further enriches the latitude of creative ad data analysis, but also helps advertisers to assist in subsequent analysis and decision-making based on user interaction data after the ads are successfully launched. In addition, the advertiser analysis function provided by ZingFront on the SocialPeta platform has also undergone upgrades recently. Now this function allows advertisers to proactively understand the media delivery type and delivery quantity analysis of ad creatives, effectively satisfying advertisers’ tracking and analysis demands for delivery details.

Apart from the advantages of user experience and effect conversion, interactive advertising also has a closed-loop data that can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of advertising, making it the overlord of game marketing both now and in the future. Meanwhile, ZingFront will continue to adhere to a belief of “science and technology will completely alter the market”, strive to promote iterative updates of its products, help more advertisers to effectively market, and work with industry fellows to jointly accelerate the overall rapid development of the industry.