ZingFront Inc, Ad Creative SaaS, secures 10 millions of A-round financing by Baidu Ventures

ZingFront, the AI-driven creative video company, recently announced the completion of 10 millions of A-round financing by Baidu Ventures (BV). Previously, ZingFront received millions of pre-A round financing in August 2016 and an Angel investment in February 2016. As a rising star in the creative advertising industry, its rapid growth is impressive.

Founded in November 2015, ZingFront is an AI software company committed to big data, 3D cloud, and creative cloud technology. Brand owners and advertising agencies can use ZingFront’s platform to make creative video advertising and analyze advertising intelligence. ZingFront is soon exploring into avatar creation and 3D innovative education.

Enterprises around the globe spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually on advertising, and the advertising market has ushered in the era of efficiency. Enterprises’ reliance on intelligent advertising decisions and creations is constantly growing. However, their ideas cannot always be properly realized due to technical barriers. Thus, to make AI technology applicable for everyone is the problem that the market needs to solve urgently. ZingFront seizes the opportunity and responds to the need of the market. In 2016, it launched such products as creative advertising intelligence and creative advertising production. In 2017, the company introduced cloud services for creative animation. This year, ZingFront has proposed cloud services for creative short animation videos.

ZingFront’s core founding team has accumulated nearly 20 years’ experience in product R&D and operation in Baidu, Ali, Yahoo, AppAnnie and other companies. The team endowed the company with the world’s best capability of processing mass advertising data, as well as the world’s first production platform for creative 3D videos.

“Being the global leader in the industry brings both pressure and impetus.” Zhao Xiuwen, CEO of ZingFront, said. “What we need to do in the era of short videos is to empower innovation and creation, from AI-empowered creative advertising to IP animation creation. We will explore into 3D education, medical care and other fields in the future. ZingFront uses AI software on the 2B side to meet the enterprises’ needs for upgrading of creative contents. On the 2C side, it will also launch services to meet the users’ needs for pan-culture creation and consumption.”

In the over two years since its establishment, ZingFront has nurtured cooperation with several famous enterprises such as Baidu, Facebook, Toutiao, Netease, Perfect World, Youzu Network, and Sanqi Entertainment. At Facebook’s global partner conference at the beginning of this year, it recommended only four products, and ZingFront was the only Chinese company to have its product recommended. Diana Williams, product director of Facebook, believed that “ZingFront provides SaaS production tools for high-quality 3D videos to help advertising clients minimize the costs, whilst introducing better creations for their Facebook ads.”

Baidu Ventures believed that the future represents an era of videos, especially personalized 3D videos. Whether it is advertising, media, or social networking, 3D content will greatly enhance the viewer’s user experience. However, the production of traditional 3D videos takes time and effort, requiring a lot of specialized input, and thus it is unable to meet the individualized needs of different people and further improve the efficiency of targeted dissemination. ZingFront’s unique AI production engine can greatly enhance the ability to produce 3D videos. ZingFront’s scope of services will extend from covering large-scale advertising clients to embracing ordinary creators and various SMEs. Therefore there will be plenty of space for expansion in the future.

ZingFront’s current round of financing will mainly focus on technological R&D. Firstly, it will rapidly upgrade existing product platforms and help brand owners effectively improve their ability to analyze advertising decisions and produce creative 3D videos. Secondly, it will expand the use of technologies to the fields of ACG, virtual idols, short videos, and education to make the market of creation more diverse.