As the attention of the robust consumers shifted and mobile advertising technology continuously iterate, the mobile advertising market is growing rapidly. Advertising still significantly appears in head media, but different types of creative materials and advertising copywriting have different effects on different networks.

AI – driven video creative company ZingFront analyzed over 500 million advertising ideas in nearly 100 networks and regions around the world, hoping to understand the trend of creative materials and distribution networks of mobile advertising, and released 2018 Global Mobile Advertising Mid-Year Report, which provided a reference for advertisers and media platforms.

Distribution network: games prefer head medias, applications value media attributes

According to SocialPeta, a unit of ZingFront, role-playing, action, and strategy are the top three overall game advertisers in terms of distribution networks, with more than 50% of Headlines Today coming from role-playing. The proportion of application advertisers close to public life is relatively high, such as finance, fashion, social, shopping, entertainment and so on. Compared with games, application advertisers pay more attention to the consistency of media attributes.


Advertisers: games like diversity, applications prefer daily life

In terms of advertisers, the distribution networks of games are wide and medias are rich, covering such networks as Facebook, AppLovin, Audience Network, as well as multiple medias concerning tools, fashion, entertainment and leisure. Networks and medias for applications are relatively concentrated, among which tools and fashion medias account for a high proportion.


Creative materials: videos are more popular, pictures and NVOD are weaker

In terms of creative materials, NVOD and pictures are weakened while videos gradually increased. Among them, game video advertising surpassed pictures for the first time in March, while e-commerce image advertising in May has a significant increase, the form of rotation is still the main force of e-commerce.


Trend: Playable advertising may have a blowout

It is worth mentioning that from the analysis of the global trend of creative material display, Playable advertising witnessed a strong growth rate, which has been increasing significantly since the 11th week of this year and will become the mainstream creative form in the future.