Ascending to be a global partner of Facebook, ZingFront can produce a 3D playable advertisement within 1min

As AI technology accelerates in penetrating into the advertising marketing and Chinese companies enhances their awareness of globalization, AI creativity and smart marketing turns to be a wind indicator for commercial advertising across the world. The Facebook Marketing Partner program initiated by Facebook in 2015 brings a new chance for Chinese enterprises to participate in global marketing. Recently, as the first 3D and Playable creative advertising platform in the world, ZingFront was formally approved as a global partner of Facebook.

Driving creativity, AI technology assists Facebook partners around the world

Facebook is always engaged in seeking the best technical advertising partners in the world that can meet its requirements about marketing knowledge and creative technical service quality. Now becoming a global partner of Facebook this time, ZingFront will not only bring its uniquely innovative advertising technologies and help more Asian businesses and brands in solving the creativity-related problems in the global advertising field but also offer quality and effective smart solutions for more enterprises in the field of creativity. This also is a milestone for ZingFront in its trip of exploring the overseas markets.

Facebook offers appropriate prioritized business and customer resources as well as the official support for its partners around the world. Those partners can conduct advanced marketing and technical development and extend their creative and independent services on Facebook. Different brands and enterprises are able to automate the management of their marketing platforms, approach the target users, and see through the market strategies.

ZingFront is the first in offering an AI-oriented creative advertising platform UnrealFront among the 49 global creative technical partners of Facebook. As the first supplier of 3D creative video service in the world and first Playable creative demo service supplier in China, UnrealFront is highly recognized in overseas market. It not only multiplies the efficiency of video and demo advertising production by a hundredfold but also significantly improves the CPI and ROI effects.

High demand in global business drives innovation in creative technology

Gaming markets stays as the main front of video advertising. As the business video marketing demand rises dramatically, the existing video advertising production is obviously far from meeting the market requirements and mass production becomes an urgent demand. The UnrealFront which radically subverts the traditional creative production mode, utilizes modularized production to greatly reduce the production process and cost. The low-threshold operation and high-quality video output can facilitate the cost control on behalf of manufacturers so that the advertising can be both rapid and premium and the clients can quickly occupy a share in the market. Depending on the huge capacity and convenient functions, UnrealFront has been adopted by many first-tier game companies both at home and abroad in video and demo advertisement producing.

The person in charge of once said: “With the creative video software developed by ZingFront, even our common designer is able to produce 3D video advertising. This greatly shorten the production cycle and saves the marketing cost.” Now the platform incorporates over 100 scenes, 300 character-models, 400 special effects, and 5,000 acts available for selection. There are also diverse shooting effects and more than 200 filters. The customers’ diversified and individualized creativity demand can be better satisfied with this platform.

When the market begins embracing more complicated Playable demo advertising, ZingFront promotes the function of Playable demo creativity producing. In the latter half of this year, Facebook advocates the Playable demo advertisement around the world with ZingFront being its Chinese partner in this field. The simple and convenient Playable demo functions enable the advertising marketing staff to produce high-quality playable advertisement. By inheriting the professional and original game-developing spirit, it aims to offer vivid and pleasant advertising experience for the clients.

The improvement in the effect of Playable demo advertising also explains its great popularity among the corporate clients. According to the report of overseas GamesBeat, the game manufacturer Miniclip took part in the test of playable advertisement in the information flow of Facebook. Its chief marketing officer Nick Tsimptdaros revealed that compared with conventional advertising, the playable advertisement harvested a click rate that was three times higher than that of other forms of advertisement, CPI was cut down by 25% while ROI rose by twice. As suggested by one questionnaire survey of Magna, customers spend 47% more time on interactive video advertising than the non-inactive one.

The CEO of ZingFront Zhao Xiuwen pointed out: winning the global partnership of Facebook this time proves the commercial value of ZingFront’s AI creative advertising technology for enterprises and its ability to provide more efficient and smart creative solutions for the global advertising clients of Facebook as well.