ZingFront Won the Most Noteworthy Company of Smart Marketing

On September 13th, the 5th GoldenBit award ceremony of the 2018 Summit on Mobile Smart Marketing was held in Beijing. Representatives from Internet enterprises, smart marketing service providers, media sectors and research institutions came together to discuss the way to fully leverage the power of smart marketing.

ZingFront attended the summit and was awarded the title of “the most noteworthy company of smart marketing during 2018-2019”. ZingFront really deserves the honor. Keeping in mind the notion of empowering companies’ creativity with AI, it is committed to helping companies increase marketing efficiency with smart marketing approaches.

 “High-flyers” in marketing field

With the subversive power of AI, the Internet marketing in the future will flourish and change with each passing day.

Based on data and AI and accurately judging from the ever-changing trends, ZingFront provides an accessible platform for data analysis and video making for corporate marketing, thus becoming the “potential winner” in mobile smart marketing.


There are three products under ZingFront:

SocialPeta is the world’s largest provider of analysis service of creative advertising content. The aggregate data it offers reach 500 million, 5-20 times more than the industry average.

UnrealFront is the world’s first platform for creative-3D-video-making. With ZingFront, a video can be made 100 times faster while ROI raises 58% and the cost lowers 34%.

Live3D can help make and run a virtual image, and provide 10,0000 animation clips, thus increasing the efficiency up to 10 times and reducing the cost by 68%.

As the director of Elex Game said: “data and videos are in step with the future trend, while ZingFront covers both. SocialPeta helps us make marketing plan faster, and validate it with data. UnrealFront produces high-quality advertising video in a short time, saving 80% of labor cost.

The Tide of Smart Marketing: Efficiency Improvement Matters

As marketing is now greatly supplemented by intelligence, ZingFront aims at improving marketing efficiency by empowering enterprises with AI technology from creative advertising as a way to help enterprises make decisions with data, claim market shares with creativity, and use videos to get a head start.

ZingFront is now being trusted and cooperating with nearly 100 companies, including Baidu, Jinri Toutiao, Facebook, SuperCell, Hero Entertainment, YOOZOO Games, 37 Interactive Entertainment, Perfect World, Google, Oasis Games, Elex, Kunlun TECH, etc.

Dynamically displayed after data-processing, the data-driven and technology-driven marketing strategy help enterprises realize the marketing trend, explore high-quality advertising channels and advertising effectiveness of those channels.

More importantly, ZingFront provides companies with services which help improve efficiency and update data, such as data binding or creating a sense of participation to achieve a continuation of creativity.

ZingFront applies a set of marketing solutions based on algorithms and machine learning to help brands improve the efficiency of the formation of advertising ideas.

For one thing, we integrate the data and make them transparent at the analysis and decision-making stage to break the information asymmetry. For another, we provide a highly available platform of automated tools in the creative production stage to break professional barriers.

“We believe that the future of smart marketing will be highly automated and intelligent. Whether it is decision-making analysis or automatic production, Zingfront will bring more surprises to our clients in smart creative advertising.” said Bosen, ZingFront’s senior marketing director.