[PDF included] The report of global mobile advertisement in the Q3 of 2018: The flow of Playable Ads is beyond the expectation

During the Q3 of 2018, in the type distribution of the global game advertisers, the proportion of “role-playing” games is the highest, and the adverting form is mainly the creative videos; in the type distribution of the tool advertisers, the type of ‘life and fashion’ is the hottest, and the adverting form is mainly the carousel. Hence, the app developers should pay more attention on the Playable Ads, which is acting as an emerging new advertising form, and its growth rate is beyond the expectation.

According to the statistics of the “global mobile advertising” during the Q3 of 2018, the ZingFrong data group analyses mainly from the commodity advertisers, the advertising channels, and the creative materials, to clarify and release the TOP lists of the advertisement and the trend of the Playable advertisement, providing relevant references for the advertisers and media platforms. The introduction of this report is as follows.

The global mainstream channels still dominate the flow, and the distribution of the advertising types is balanced

According to the statistical analysis of the SocialPeta, the distributions of the game advertisers in various global mainstream channels basically stay the same. Taking the Facebook as an example, the ‘role-playing’ games occupy the TOP1, which are followed by the strategy games and the action games, with the rate of 66.09% and 61.13% respectively; besides, the proportion of arcade games is also over 50%; although the proportions of the casino games, simulation games, card games, and adventure games have little differences, and they are not as popular as the top three, they still have favorable advantages.

The distributions of the tool advertisers in the mainstream channels are also balanced. Taking the Toutiao as an example, the type of ‘life and fashion’ is the hottest, ranking the top 1; and the second is the shopping advertisement, with the rate of 74.45% , the third is the financial advertisement, with the rate of 62.77%; the distributions of social advertisement and tool advertisement are less different, and the proportion of efficiency advertisement is much lower, only accounting for 2.19%.

Differentiation of the global mainstream ads is shown, and the game ads is different from the APP ads

From the global overall conditions, when the game advertisers and App advertisers are distributing the mobile advertisement, they have less differences in the advertising channels and advertising media, but they have significant differences in the creative types.

Taking the ‘Toon Blast’ as an  example of the game advertisement, in the aspect of advertising channels, the AppLovin has the highest proportion, and the second is the Facebook; in the aspect of the creative types, the video has the highest proportion, and the advertising media is mainly among the tool media; on the other hand, taking the “Dolap” as an example of APP advertisement, the advertising channels are mainly the Facebook and Audience Network ,and the advertising media is also mainly among the tool media.

Polarization shows in the global mainstream materials, and the Apps of game and video apply the form of carousel

According to the statistical analysis of the advertising creative materials, the game advertisement mainly apply the form of video, accounting for over 50%; and the form of picture ranks the second with the proportion of 32.76%; but the form of carousel is just the third, with the proportion of 3.43%. An increasing number of game advertisers begins to choose the video. Compared with the picture, video can bring more attentions and conversion rate.

Different from the game, the tool advertising highly depends on the form of carousel, dominating the whole creative materials with 91.55%; but the numbers of video and picture are much less, with only few percent. Given the advertising demands, the current distribution trend will keep stable for a long time, and it’s predicted that less changes might occur in the future.

The mobile video has become a trend, the growth rate of Playable ads is beyond expectation

As the most innovative advertising form, the Playable Ads shows the up-rising developing trend in this year. According to relevant statistics, since the 29th week of this year, the Playable advertisement not only shows the evident growth rate, but also has the trend of sustained rapid growth, and it’s predicted that this kind of new trend might bring considerable changes to the mobile advertisement.

According to the public statistics, until 2025, more than 3.7 billion users will get accesses to the internet via mobile devices, accounting to the 72% of the overall online users. Until 2022, the user costs and the profits of digital and video advertisement on OTT video services like the YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Netflix, will reach to 123 billion dollars.

It’s obvious to see that the mobile video ads has become the mainstream trend, hence, the Playable Ads has huge developing potentials.


The Report of Global Mobile Advertisement in the Q3 of 2018