Facebook Instant Games: Business whirlwind has arrived

Facebook Instant Games which is designed for users of Facebook Messenger adopts HTML5 technology, so that users can look up and experience games directly in News Feed or Messenger dialogues. This congenital gene determines “user experience” as the first factor that developers must take into account in a game.

According to SocialPeta’s recent data analysis results, brain and action games accounts for more than half, and most of players play brain, action and sports games; Jumpy Jumpy – Helix Ball and Big Fish are the hottest game, while Draw Something ranked Top 1 by a healthy margin among the most promising game list.

According to the “Facebook Instant Games” data tracked from September 18th to October 17th, 2018, the ZingFront data team compiled and launched the hottest game list, the most promising game list, the recent wind direction, etc., providing a reference for small game developers and advertisers. See the following for overview of this report.

Competition of hot items is fierce, and the gap between the hottest games is small

(△ The hottest game list)

As a whole, Jumpy Jumpy – Helix Ball, Big Fish and Ludo Club are among top three in the hottest game list, with small gap. There may be a few twists and turns in the later stages.

In the niche, Jumpy Jumpy – Helix Ball, Last Knife / EverWing, Angry Birds” and Ludo Club ranked top 1 in their respective lists of brain, action, strategy, and desktop games. Among them, Angry Birds remains a strong presence after entering the FB game store, indicating influence of the old game IP among users.

Fast growing of players and increasing diversification of promising games

(△ The most promising game list)

From the growth rate of players, Draw Something, Surfers,and Running Mario 2 are TOP 3 among the overall ranking; Running Mario 2 and Hello Fish rank top 1 in their respective lists of Cops and Robers and simulation potential games.

Super Mario also takes advantage of the “old IP” to get the better of the sentiment and flow. In fact, many of popular classic casual and puzzle games are still very popular among users on the Facebook Instant Games platform. And innovation depends on the way of developers to balance business interests and game experience.

Business whirlwind has arrived, and the ad monetization model can be expected

From the perspective of the number of players, action, brain, and sports games account for nearly half, closely followed by simulation and small games. Traditional role-playing games account for only 2%; From the perspective of the number of games, there are mainly brain, action, sports games and other games with light subjects. Poker, Casino, and construction games are temporarily among the least.

According to SocialPeta’s data, the small game EverWing with 8,890,000 users has generated an advertising revenue of over $100,000 per month, by relying on the ad monetization model. The business whirlwind of Facebook Instant Games has become a new blue ocean for game development. Combining games with social interaction and paying full attention to the experience help to achieve a success.


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