[PDF enclosed] The market share of strategy games is relatively big and shows a long-term stability

In October 2018, “Clash of Three Kingdoms” was ranked top on the strategy games’ list with a total advertising volume of over 600M. Regarding the placement channels, NetEase News in China and overseas AdMob exhibited an overwhelming margin. It can be seen from the placement distribution and momentum that SLG games occupy a stable and considerable share in the market over a long period.

As China tightens its regulation over the game market, the momentum for strategy games to go global has become more apparent. SLG games emphasize on strategies and combat, and the attributes of vertical users of news, politics, and military issues are closer to the target users of SLG games, making the platforms of the above types of content and information popular promotion channels for SLG games.

Relying upon the help of SocialPeta, the largest advertising intelligence analysis tool around the world, ZingFront sorted out and released data analysis of the list of strategy game advertisers, popular game cases, and recent tendencies in October as a reference for game developers and marketing agencies. Below is an overview of the report.

Over half of the strategy game Top 10 is taken by iOS games

(△ List for strategy game advertisers)

According to SocialPeta, the strategy game “Clash of Three Kingdoms” was ranked top 1 with over 600M of total advertising display amount in October 2018, followed by “Bubble Shooter Dragon Pop”. Among Top 10 strategy games, iOS game products accounted for 6 places, and the major advertisement placement channel is still Facebook.

Facing the fierce wave of games going global, the differential operation is the key

(△ Cases of popular advertisers)

The “Lords Mobile” that was created by IGG and that combined strategies and role-playing placed commercials for 974 days, with a total of 4299 times of innovation and 2 billion display volume. The placement channels were diverse, highlighting UnityAds, Vungle, and Facebook. A rich variety of media took part, with racing, role-playing, and action media accounting for about 50%. The innovative idea was concentrated on videos.

“Lords Mobile” was awarded the “Best Battle Game of the Year” in the Google Store of 73 countries and regions. The success not only originated from the fact that the sense of quality and gameplay of the products enhanced its reputation among players and the customer stickiness, but also due to the differential operation of the content of marketing. The marketing department placed innovative advertisements that match various channels in different countries and regions, which is easier to evoke the emotional recognition of players.

The market for strategy games is stable and the promotion channels are rather focused

(△ The trend of the placement distribution in the Audience Network)

Regarding the display volume of advertisements on promotion channels, only NetEase news in China achieved a quantity of tens of millions, closely followed by Toutiao and Tencent Social Ads that both reached over 8 million. On overseas channels, AdMob stood at the top with an overwhelming margin, while AppLovin, Vungle, UnityAds, and Audience Network were ranked among the second echelon.

Strategy games have been occupying a stable and considerable share in the market, with its advertisement placement on Admob and Audience Network accounting for 25% on average. Moreover, strategy games take a much larger percentage on the Admob channel than other game types.


Analysis of popular game advertisers – SLG