Users soaring to 50 million in two weeks? An interpretation of Facebook mini-games

Since the full opening of Facebook’ s mini-game platform–Instant Games, the number of game developers and the growth rate of users have soared, clearly indicating its large development potential. According to statistics, as of August this year, there are 3,304 games on the Facebook Instant Games platform in total, of which bet games take up the largest proportion, reaching the number of 1,100.

The ZingFront data team uses the largest advertising information analysis tool in the world–SocialPeta, based on over 90% of the game data from Oct. 8th to Nov. 7th, 2018, to organize and analyze the current status of bet-type games and text-type games on Facebook, in the hope of providing a reference for developers and game makers.

Considerable growth of game-users, and unlimited business opportunity for Facebook Instant Games

(List of the hottest game types – bet-type and text-type)

According to the data from SocialPeta, three games “OMG”, “The Test” and “4 Pics 1 World” occupy the top three in the list of “Top 10 bet-type and text-type games”; and “WOWW”, “Horoscope” and “Word Search with Friends” have become the games with the fastest growing number of users in nearly 14 days.

Just within the period from June to September this year, the average daily active game users on the Facebook Instant Games have increased by 25%. According to Facebook, 90 million people actively participate in more than 270,000 game groups each month. In the future, Instant Games may be introduced into the game groups and Facebook Lite platform.

On the one hand, Facebook’s large number of global users gives it an absolute advantage in user traffic; on the other hand, due to Instant Games’ s fast loading speed, low entry threshold to players, and strong social attributes, it is naturally attractive to users. And not long ago, Facebook announced that the Android platform canceled the 30% revenue share of small games, which is undoubtedly a big good news.

Phenomenal sense of participation, bet-type and text-type games become popular recently

On Facebook Instant Games, the current hottest bet-type and text-type games have received much attention. The factors that keep their users in the long run are the great sense of participation in the games, such as extremely low participation threshold, viral social invitations, content tags with identity and personality symbols, and so on. Besides, a variety of novelty levels and rewards of the games can both satisfy the users’ will to compare with others and their curiosity, naturally creating a high user fission.

(“OMG” user growth trend)

(“WOWW” user growth trend)

According to data from SocialPeta, the game “OMG” developed by Supergene took less than two weeks to make its number of users increase to 58 million, and its highest growth rate in a single day even once reached over 20,000%. Coincidentally, another game “WOWW” developed by Ticat Studio Games, which was also newly launched, has also accumulated users to 3.6 million in just a few days.

The platform’ s user traffic is the core, user experience is the cornerstone, and social fission is the fuse. That’ s why bet-type and text-type games have naturally grown rapidly on Facebook Instant Games and will remain their status firmly in the near future.