Gurus’ Arguments on App Flow and Creation

Mobile application developers have enough ways to gain flows and pop up marketing originalities, but more skills are needed if they want to get 120% of the effect. On the 15th, the “APP Flow Growth & Advertising Creative Strategy” sharing meeting jointly sponsored by ZingFront was launched in Shanghai. ZongFront East China General Manager Cao Deyong, Mobvista Senior Operations Director Xing Kaijie, Kingnet Marketing Manager Chen Shuting and Triwell Games co-founder Qin Wei attended the conference and delivered speeches.

ZingFront Cao Deyong: Make Decisions with Data and Win Markets with Creativities

“Flow is everything” is one of the everlasting principles in the internet era. As a matter of fact, creative contents are the most important while the flow channels are the least. Nowadays, creation depends on not only just personal experience but also the reasonable application of data and AI products, which are considered to greatly improve decision-making efficiency and the effectiveness of creative advertising. Also, it can help us understand the intelligence analysis of the market flow and counterparts’ situations.

At a time when the flow growth is near saturation, mobile applications are moving towards the “Impact Age” when the operations driven by data analysis becomes a mainstream trend, and video still dominates the game industry with significant growth. Therefore, using data to capture popular materials, quickly making 2D/3D videos with related products, and reaching the world’s users with global channels are likely to help game developers win the battle.

Mobvista Xing Kaijie: Users should be Controlled in Full Stages to Develop Oversea Markets

Promoting mobile games oversea becomes a consistent goal for manufacturers with the tightening domestic policy and market turmoil. Faced with many difficulties related to precision, data flow, localization and optimization, user path should be controlled in an overall way, such as user media preferences, regional differences, interest preferences, payment capabilities, and Internet lifecycle, so as to fully understand the users around the world.

During the overseas promotion of mobile games, data is considered as a foundation, flow as a channel, service and experience the driving force. The experience of a team which fully understands products, users and market should be applied to create a global game database, link the stage optimization models and dynamically analyze creative data, use the world-class large media to achieve breadth coverage and to use regional media to achieve deep expansion.

Kingnet Chen Shuting: Content is the Spirit of creativities, Value and Interaction are the Core

The core of content marketing is to realize the value and interaction of the two sides and the content, which is the spirit of creativity, is also the core of game advertising. From the perspective of game release, it is necessary to combine the product characteristics, crowd attributes and data analysis to accurately locate the user population; in terms of the users, it is necessary to cause their empathy and then trigger registration and payment.

There are several suggestions to optimize the effect and efficiency of creativity: 1. identifying requirements and ensuring good communication; 2. optimizing output systems and institution; 3. creating experienced and tailored design teams; 4. using efficient tools such as video making software or crawler software; 5. increasing the originality and output rate by creating short videos.

Triwin Games Qin Wei Get Familiar with Rules, Take Actions, Optimize Creativity and effect

The oversea promotion develops from “Affiliate” to “page tour/tool APP” then to “mobile game/content APP”, and the flow acquisition develops from “banner/display” to “native/information flow”. At present, getting access to overseas traffic is inseparable from the following three points: understanding the application store rules, the channel characteristics, and the product life cycle.

Since creativity accounts for more than 70% of the leading role in flow acquisition, there are also three ways to improve the creative effect: one is to familiarize with product features, such as gameplay, users, art, etc.; the second is to fully understand creative application scenarios, such as distribution channels. ways and locations of presentations, etc.; the third is to have a strong creative design team with the ability to achieve the expected effect.