Onlooking the Hot Advertising Materials of the Global E-Commerce Merchants in the Shopping Spree Season (with PDF Attachment)

From October to November this year, the top advertiser of shopping app in the domestic channel is JD. Small home appliances become one of its hot materials. The app with the most popular Double Eleven ads is Hunliji. On the global channel, Wish tops the list with nearly four times of the traffic ahead of the second place. The one with the most popular Black Friday ads is Jollychic. Apparel materials are relatively hot.

With the world’s largest advertising intelligence analysis tool SocialPeta, the ZingFront data team compiled and published the October-November China and global shopping App advertising creativity analysis report, providing a reference for e-commerce applications and brands. The following is an overview of the report.

Domestic: JD Tops the List of Shopping Apps, Hunliji Stays Hot through Double Eleven

                                                       (△ Top10 of shopping apps in China)

According to the SocialPeta data, the two domestic channel shopping apps with the most advertisement exposure during the period from October 1st to November 23rd are JD and Hunliji, of which the iOS version and the Android version of JD are at the top and the second place respectively; Hunliji is closely followed by Xiaohongshu and Mogujie, while Pinduoduo and Secoo have relatively low exposure.

                                   (△ Top10 of double eleven related shopping apps in China)

On advertisement material exposure related to Double Eleven, Shandjj, Meilele are generally ranked second and third, and Hunliji ranks on the top with twice the exposure. Mobile Taobao is at the end of the Top10 list, on the contrary.

Domestically, one of the hottest advertisement materials in shopping apps is the small household appliances advertising launched by JD, which reflects the difference in the business model between JD and Alibaba. Alibaba features its carnival and also extends to social functions while focusing on traffic. JD continues the consistent classification mode and guides the flow by classification.

Global: Wish Becomes the Ads Hegemon, Jollychic Goes Viral in Black Friday

                                                                                         (△ Top10 of global shopping apps)

From the perspective of global channels, Wish has become the most popular application for shopping app ads with absolute advantage; it is nearly four times as large as Joom, which is at the second place. Alibaba squeezes into the top three, while Akulaku and GearBest Online Shopping are at the end.

                                                                             (△ Top10 of Black Friday related global shopping apps)

In terms of the Black Friday shopping apps, Jollychic seems to go viral, and the amount of advertising is more than ten times higher than the second place; Tata CLiQ and Flipp stay relatively low profile.

Fresh Hoods’ clothing ads have become one of the most popular materials worldwide. It not only has more than 500 million views in 17 days but also gained millions of conversions.


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