ZingFront Partners with DO Global to Create AI Advertising Ecosystem

AI technology accelerates the evolution of mobile Internet ads with extremely fast speed. From intelligent advertising to AI conception, the dissemination pattern and effect of ads are constantly innovated; from promotion of private enterprises to going globally, domestic enterprises win world recognition on their development layout and brand influence. ZingFront partners with Beijing DO Global Technology Co., Ltd. (“DO Global”) to make global user acquisition and monetization easy for enterprises through resources sharing and technical cooperation.

Automatization of information and material screening

The key of going globally lies in localization operation, whose effect is largely dependent on the matching degree of advertising materials. Through deep analysis on global ad data and intelligent marketing solutions, ZingFront assists DO Global with achieving the automatic screening of advertising materials and intelligent match of ads to keep abreast of trend of global market and information of marketing strategy of competing products at the first time.

Leveraging on the world’s foremost platform SocialPeta for ad creatives material analysis, the information of advertising materials, download geographical distribution and popular and creative elements in different regions and countries for competing products in the global market can be obtained, and advertising materials with better effect can be intelligently screened for pushing into matching media channels, so as to enhance the marketing effect and reduce the time for decision-making and production.

Intelligent creatives and high-efficiency advertising

Marketing will accelerate the speed the monetization. With regard to video ads, the speed of producing new materials and re-processing original materials is a crucial factor for final marketing results. Intelligent production and high-efficiency advertising of creatives have become the goal for which the mobile advertising industry seeks, and are also the target of cooperation and mutual benefits between ZingFront and DO Global.

When establishing its own intelligent advertising platform, DO Global uses the world’s first 3D video creative production platform UnrealFront to rapidly generate the newest materials based on the existing advertising materials, satisfying the format and standard requirements for video ad materials by different channels, saving labor force and improving production and advertising speed, assisting enterprises that expand their business overseas with accessing to global users and achieving advertising monetization.

Cooperative innovation and going globally backed by technology

Enterprise faces with opportunities and challenges in expanding its business overseas. ZingFront and DO Global are both pioneers and explorers. Powered by AI technology and traffic aggregation, continuously explore the potential of intelligent mobile ads, accelerate the marketing and monetization speed with a view to create a new ecosystem of technology-enabled marketing and speed up the expanding of business overseas.

It is the strategic target for the alliance of ZingFront and DO Global to provide intelligent marketing solution for expanding business overseas and professional and local marketing services for domestic enterprises by leveraging intelligent technology to accelerate marketing effect.

Technology enabling and reformation of advertising

As a technology creative company, ZingFront sticks to its concept of “enabling creatives by AI”, and is dedicated to promoting the marketing effect of enterprises by applying intelligent technologies. There two platforms under its operation: SocialPeta can provide over 500 million data in total, while UnrealFront can accelerate its production speed a hundred times in average and enhance 58% ROI.

consolidates Baidu’s international mobile app and DAP platform services, is now independently operated with its business mainly engaging in global mobile apps and overseas ad platform services, constantly moving forward its app+platform strategy. As of December 2018, its DAP global mobile ad platform hit a record of 800 million monthly active users worldwide, of which 250 million users come from its own products.

Powered by technical tools of traffic aggregation and machine learning, they carry out intelligent analysis and process on marketing data to support enterprises to achieve efficient ad decision-making and advertising. By integrating the “AI technology+mobile ads”, the marketing efficiency of going globally can be promoted with costs being reduced, rapidly accessing to and acquiring users worldwide.