2018 Global Marketing Summit | ZingFront Innovation Technology Helps to Win International Discourse

In 2018, the economic environment in China is turbulent. Changes in industries, capitals and consumption views have greatly affected the strategic development and marketing methods of enterprises. Another significant change is reflected on the acceleration of the globalization pace in Chinese Internet industry. “Chinese Story” has become more and more important in the international market. Last week, the Morketing Summit 2018, which focused on the theme “Investigating the Era and Exploring the Essence”, was successfully ended in Beijing. ZingFront  was invited to attend and discuss with the elite companies about how to upgrade promotion in the new globalized era.

Data insight is the key and the first step

China is integrating into the global market at a fast speed and has become an important driving force for the globalization of the world economy. After several years of competition, Chinese companies began to move into the new era, where there is a deeper and wider space to discover. Therefore, Chinese companies need to show more insight, technology, creativity and innovations to the international arena.

Liu Xiangjun, the commercial director of ZingFront, believes that it is still too early to say that “the flow bonus reaches its bottleneck”. By analyzing the global data, it can be seen that the demographic dividends in various regions are also different. For example, the growth of population and mobile smart devices amount in China will not be as rapid as previous years, but there are still plenty of opportunities in emerging markets like India and Africa.

Using data insights to help companies improve decision-making efficiency has always been advocated by ZingFront. It has the world’s largest service platform, SocialPeta, in analyzing creative advertising materials, and provides over 500 million data aggregates and timely global advertising intelligence analysis. Recently, the platform is upgraded, and now can provide analysis based on Facebook’s operational level for brands in different industries, such as data in homepage followers, content interaction, idea popularity, etc. It can also provide APP-based developers and operators with data intelligence in ASO-based operations, such as keyword rankings, search popularity, etc.

“In the process of globalization, the industrial Internet is an increasingly noticeable trend. Through data analysis, helping companies to refine their operations and gain a deeper understanding of their core users is what we are working on. We want to help companies to improve their performance from the inside out.”

Technical creativity is the core and the driving force

In the new era, the power of AI is becoming more crucial in changing the world. Creative intelligence, marketing automation, and more new and innovative promotion methods such as 3D video and AR interactive will become powerful tools. “Let technology empower creativity” is the core to promote the innovation and creativity of enterprises in global marketing, and the driving force to develop the Internet industry.

Fortunately, the “Chinese Story” is becoming more splendid on the world stage. Chinese science and technology, Chinese manufacturing, and Chinese aerospace are developing fast with efficiency beyond imagination. The world needs to renew its perception of this powerful country by days or even by hours. What is more, all these rising powers are driven by technology.

In the golden age of Chinese brands, the upgrade in technology-driven industry is the essential factor to win the global market. Hope that all the brands, advertisers and agents will work together, no matter driven by technologies in marketing concepts or methods, to create better value for consumers and establish a firmer foothold for international development.