Experience Facebook Creative FMP Event in Beijing. Personally Witness Five Coolest Advertising Black Technologies!

With exhausted inspiration, the creativity production is stuck in conventional patterns, while there is a huge amount of advertising materials that need to be fulfilled?
The team has spent the last effort on producing of advertisement videos. In spite that it cost so much time and effort, the CPI/CPC result is not satisfying?
Everyone in the world knows that advertisement video in the most effective, but it is the most difficult and complicated too. How to solve the problem?

On the first day of December in 2017, the Facebook Creative FMP Event was held in Beijing. The author has had the honor to attend this conference. That was the first conference that Facebook has ever held in Beijing. Many first-class clients, cooperating partners and advertising platforms were invited. Excellent marketing partners of Facebook had brought out the latest smart marketing tools for the marketing stubborn problems and shown a more integrated blueprint of marketing black technology in the future.


Aiming at advertising marketing difficulties and the market with Chinese characteristics, five cooperating partners of Refuel4, Kuaizi, Shakr, Shuttlerock and Zingfront had made product presentations and subject speeches.

According to the atmosphere and feedback on site, the products of the following cooperating partners were deeply impressive to the author:


The smartest creation— ReFUEL4、Kuaizi

Those two companies utilized the AI Technology which is currently the hottest in the same time.



1. ReFUEL4, a company founded in 2014 in Singapore.

It establishes their advertisement using the API and neural network image recognition technology solution of Facebook and Instagram. It makes nearly 10,000 designers responding your demands within 48 hours and getting you new advertising elements within 72 hours. In the meanwhile, ReRUEL4 has AI Prediction Performance which could avoid the budget waste of A/B test.


2. Kuaizi, a company founded in 2013 in Guangzhou, China

The AI driving platform has material library, template library and showcase library. With some simple clicking, you can upload the materials and start the process. In the meantime, basing on H5 automatic producing platform, the pictures, animations and original contents could be covered within one station. With only one designation, tens of thousands of combinations could be generated and that will raise the creativity efficiency ten times.

The best creativity–-Shuttlerock

Shuttlerock is a Zelanian company which won Facebook global creativity award in 2016.


Its thinking is to take full advantage of the contents generated by UGC: Generate contents via the users, establish and maintain a real content asset SAAS Platform so that the market personnel could manage procurement easily. With the AD solution of Shuttlerock, Air New Zealand had got 55% higher CTR and 3.75% increase of AD business (like, comment and share).

In the UGC mode, visitors and creators are combined. The contents generated by the users not only integrated with sociability, instantaneity and multimedia feature, but also with high level of involvement which could generate an effect of viral transmission; the excellent creativity inspiration reacted upon the whole marketing chain to “fan the fire”, bringing more abundant connotation and additional value; in the meanwhile, it could settle down the core users and increase the user loyalty.

It is exactly that Facebook appreciates the sensitivity of Shuttlerock to the immense potential of UGC in AD application field and the utilization of it in AD producing.

The simplest and most direct —Shakr

Shakr is a company founded in 2010 in Seoul, Korea.


Its principle is to produce video advertisement by fulfilling the video designation (templet) with photos, texts and short films. It is applicable in producing digital signage video/ producing products video/ producing video for social media. Although most of the small enterprises could not afford the risk of making promotion video, Shakr makes it very easy to produce a low budget video for them to develop business in various ways. Shin-woong Lee, the marketing manager of Foodfly praised like that. Many local Korean enterprises have used the services of Shakr.

The most amazing 3D –UnrealFront Product of Zingfront


Zingfrong is an internet company founded two years ago in Beijing.


It grabbed the rigid demand for 3D video producing in marketing with a unique insight. It simplifies the 3D video producing process—modeling/ designing of the task movements etc. to be a powerful automatic video story script. It started much earlier than others and that’s why its product is much more mature.


With this first 3D automatic video producer ever in the globe, you can get your video within 10 minutes only if you input your story into this database. The video producing efficiency could increase 100 times. According to the communication and feedback on site, at present, many first-tier enterprises and platforms in China have been using this product already. It already helped more than 20 enterprises to produce many video with high quality. The CPI cost could be 2~3$ in developed areas.

When Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, discussed the achievement of the company, he emphasized that “we are entering a period when videos increase constantly, and we could see the huge increasing”. Exactly, video could get connected to more people than other methods, while the contradiction between video AD demands and producing period has been more and more prominent. Some insider presenting the conference told me an example that “When producing a game video advertisement, if the modeling is finished already, a proficient personnel will need at least one week to finish it. But during the game publication period, numerous video advertising materials are needed, and in fact, the supply-demand contradiction is very prominent.”

“Batching Production is a symbolization of agricultural civilization transforming to industrial civilization. The generation of UnrealFront is a big step forward for video automatic producing and that should give the credit to in improvement of internet technology. We should follow closely with the time tendency and solve difficulties in video producing with AI. Or we will be out even without notice.” In speech phase, this statement resonated with everyone.


As official operating partners of Facebook, there were a crowd of masters in that conference. Refuel4 combined crowdsourcing and automatic smart; Kuaizi combined elementary picture and automatic A/B test methodology; Shakr showed the characteristics of Korean brand; Shuttlerock combined brand advertisement and UGC content to enrich advertising material; ZingFront showed the charms from the very first automatic 3D advertising video in the globe and won praise of the conventioneers.

The SAAS tools showed countless possibilities of smart marketing in the future. Stepping out the conference hall, the author really thought that the smart marketing in the future is more and more anticipated, isn’t it?



ZingFront, the leading marketing data platform and 3D video ads semi-automatic producer.

Two hottest product of ZingFront:

  • UnrealFront, the first 3D semi-automatic video production tool.  In Oct. 11th, it is officially recommended by Facebook GPS(Global Partner Summit). UnrealFront makes it possible to produce 3D video in a creative and efficient way, which can save at least 80% work even for experienced colleagues.
  • SocialPeta, the biggest advertising and marketing database in the world. As a marketing data analysis tool, it covers the majority channels globally. Always follow the latest marketing trend, always capture and analyze the mobile advertising materials in global market. With the largest amount of materials and channels, SocialPeta has helped many famous companies gain deep marketing insights and make wise decisions.

More info: ZingFront.com