Few people had finished reading this introduction about SocialPeta’s new function, but those who did had a good return.

Although Tencent fell behind NetEase and Xiaomi in launching its online shooting&survival game followed Bluehole’s “PUBG”(Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds), it still accounted for 25% of the revenue of game industry in 2017 thanks to its achievements made through breakthroughs and phenomenal game in the first half of 2017 subsequent to its launch of MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Game “Arena of Valar” in late 2016. Actually, Tencent has begun to reach its players of “Arena of Valar” in overseas market since late 2016, however, Moonton has topped all rankings with “Mobile Legends” whose game rules and game pages were quite similar with “Arena of Valar”.


“Arena of Valar” competes with “Mobile Legend” in areas of advertisement delivery and channel options?


To better serve players in overseas market, Tencent has purchased the copyrights of many roles including Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman from DC. It also jointly held game contests with ESL at the 2017 Gamescom where Loda and AKKE, former members of Alliance-the World’s Champion Team of “Dota2”, were invited to present.

In contrast, without competitive deployment of advertising and marketing, “Mobile Legends” has easily won all rankings. The answer may be found in SocialPeta’s newly launched function for advertisers.

The following APP analysis, a newly launched contrast function of SocialPeta, showed the delivery quantity and trend of the two advertisers.

The trend of advertising of the two mobile games analyzed by SocialPeta

( The trend of advertising of the two mobile games analyzed by SocialPeta )


The blue and green curves represent the advertising trend of “Mobile Legends” and “Arena of Valar” respectively, in which the former reaches 700 million, while the latter is just around 9-10 million.

( Advertising distribution and trend of the two mobile games analyzed by SocialPeta )


SocialPeta understands advertisers’ psychology well and commits itself to exploring and summarizing the law of marketing based on the data. This new function includes the data graph of advertising distribution and trend, which may help advertisers choose the best marketing scheme through data analysis.

The above graph shows the advertising preferences of the two advertisers: most of the advertising of the English version of “Arena of Valar” has been released at Facebook, while a large amount of advertising at Audience Network has been gradually reduced; “Mobile Legend” has invested more on Facebook in addition to its presence at AdMob and Audience Network. The strategies of channel options and distributions have played vital roles in their advertising performance and revenue.


What’ s SocialPeta contribution in helping accomplish a growth in advertising revenue?

Five other functions were involved in the new version of SocialPeta’s products as followed.

1. The trend of advertising deliveries:  a contrast analysis can be accomplished based on APP, domain names, sellers and searching advertising. Subscribers can choose recently 30, 60, 90 or 180 days as a time benchmark and choose the channels among global, China, South Korea and Japan. The following advertising trend is the performance of “Arena of Valar” in the recent 30 days, which has been on a rising trend from Dec 21-Jan 4 and then begun to fall.


2.Distribution of advertising channels and trend:  give all the advertising channels, with their deliveries and distribution trend, which helps advertisers to make wise decisions. The following graph shows the amount of advertising of “Arena of Valar” released at UC News has been increased since Dec 22, 2017, but that released at all channels has been reduced from Jan 4, 2018, typically at Tou Tiao.


3. Channels analysis:  we help advertisers from the sectors of game, tool, electronic business and creative searching learn the delivery trend, distribution of different types of advertisers and the trends, which aims to help advertisers to enjoy precision advertising service.


4.TOP advertisers:  make it possible for subscribers to learn the amount of advertising, all creative schemes, materials delivered through each channel and each type of advertisement.

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