The Best Ad Spying Tool SocialPeta Increases 2 Platforms for E-commerce Advertising:Pinterest and Shopify

The spring of 2018 brings more and more commercial advertisements and ways to improve business.

SocialPeta, under Zingfront, which analyzes global advertising data, launches new important functions to further improve brands and help e-commerce advertisers succeed. Want to know more? Let’s have a look.


First, Pinterest helps you master the latest advertising trend.

Pinterest is a world-famous social networking site featuring visual pictures. As the first website with an infinite scroll design pooling various trend lists, Pinterest has attracted a large number of high-quality businesses with a great visual experience of images and an accurate grasp of popular trends. The platform, with more than 200 million active users currently, is an excellent way to know about the best sellers and the latest trends.

It is most welcomed by females throughout the world.

Now Zingfront launches Pinterest, where businesses can get to know the latest and hottest commercial advertisements.



How to find differences among advertisements is what advertisers should attach great importance to. With the contrasting function, you can have a real-time comparison and analysis of important brands on Pinterest, so as to grasp the marketing trend. The following figure indicates the performances of Liligal, women’s wear, and Propercloth, men’s wear, in the last 30 days, with obvious different trends. Liligal mainly advertises on Facebook and AdMob, while Propercloth advertises on Pinterest, Audience Network, and Facebook.



Second, analyze Shopify and find information on high-quality independent stations.

Cross-border e-businesses nowadays adopt the strategy of “platform”+ “independent station”.

SocialPeta takes the lead in connecting with Shopify, the world’s leading builder of e-commerce independent stations, and provides the latest and hottest advertising insights from independent e-commerce stations.



It is also of great importance to analyze the advertising trend from relevant data. Below is the trend of Rothys, a popular women’s shoe brand, advertising on Shopify in the past 30 days, with a roundabout rise before January 24th but a dive between January 24th and January 29th.


More new functions and technologies are coming soon. Please go to


ZingFront focuses on developing intelligent software, with SocialPeta the largest analyzer of advertising data and Unrealfront the first 3D advertising video producer in the world.