Alpha launch of PLAYABLE ADS and ZingFront with Conversation Rate Substantially Improved

Light application has become increasingly heated in 2017, defining the new trend of human-computer interaction, which can be embodied from Wechat light applet, Facebook Instant Apps and Microsoft Playable Ads. If previous texts, images and video can be identified as the first three generations of internet advertisement, the emerging Playable Ads is doubtlessly the 4th generation internet advertisement. Such advertisement form with a higher interactivity and richer sense of experience has been regarded as “New weapon” for APP advertisement injecting of Game category/ Education category in achieving higher ROI.

Definition of Playable Ads

As the name suggests, Playable Ads refers to “advertisement that can be played”. Playable Ads can restore the core highlight scenario of the product in a way of fragmented lightweight experiences. When the user touches Playable Ads through webpage and other kinds of interfaces, they can “Trial playing” through advertisement interface even without downloading and installing APP. In short, previous forms of advertisement are in textual description, pictures or video shows, while what Playable Ads does is to provide a “Dressing Room”, in which users can perceive whether it fits well by tying on/trial using (Games and other application scenarios) before they decide whether to buy (download) it or not.

In current stage, domestic Playable Ads are basically utilizing two technical tools, HTML and ram clouds technology. The latter refers to that after user clicks Playable Ads in their mobile phone, the cloud (virtual) cell phone in the server will respond and transmit the signal to the user’s phone, after which the user can experience by trial playing. In the process, a series of operation done by the user will also be uploaded to the cloud (virtual) cell phone before it sends instructions to the application. Since all the interactive actions are conducted by the cloud (virtual) cell phone in the server, there is no real interaction between the user and the application, which means that Playable Ads won’t occupy any storage space in the cell phone, and users can “Go once they are done”. In such an era when experience rises above anything else, such interactive advertisement form featured by time and energy-saving is sure to gain a wider popularity.

In-depth analysis, formulation of Playable Ads and its publicity characteristics

In order to raise user experience and increase downloads, it is better to follow the next few points:

  1. Restore real game scenarios, or user experience may decrease when there is inconsistency.
  2. Guide users in an explicit way, and ensure that the games are simple for most users to win, for the majority of users hate frustration.
  3. The advertisement is better to be controlled within 30s, offering a complete experience without upsetting them. After all, our ultimate goal is to make users download app rather than experiencing only on advertisement.

The reason why Playable Ads can obtain an increasingly extensive recognition lies in its publicity characteristics:

  1. Interactive attribute of Playable Ads blurs the boundary between advertisement and games.
  2. Users with better quality and a higher retention rate. Users downloading App through interaction embrace a relatively high recognition.
  3. A more precise feedback form user. The click cannot be regarded as effective unless users click into advertisement and interact, in a way that a number of invalid data can be removed.

With a strong momentum, Playable Ads has been winning recognition step by step.

According to the survey data provided by a game advertisement company in San Francisco of America, the number of interactive players is rising by 30% every week on average since Playable Ads is launched. The conversion rate of Playable Ads reaches as much as 7 times higher than that of mobile video advertisement, with retention rate twice more than that of the latter. Conclusions can be safely drawn that download users brought by Playable Ads are the “true love fans” of APP/Game, for they have personally experienced the core scenario of the product. The behavior of clicking to download demonstrates that he agrees with the product itself.

In the year of 2015, only 8.7% of advertisers approve Playable Ads. However, with 2 years passed, the recognition has been far more several folded.

Of course, it is not only targeted at game-type APP. Playable Ads can also showcase the using methods of APP to consumers in advance. For example, e-commerce type APP can turn the Playable Ads it releases into “goods shelf” that can be slided from left to right in order to exhibit its heated products. At the same time, discount code can pop up for consumers to claim and use in advance. E-commerce website Zalora headquartered in Singapore applies the “playable ads” exactly in this way.

With flourishing demands, Playable Ads Alpha of ZingFront has been launched APP in different types with different attributes vary in demands in terms of the form of Playable Ads. However, in current stage, Playable Ads are dominated by outsourcing customization, inevitably driving the cost high. In order to shorten the time it consumes and raise the cost-performance ratio, endow it with a higher applicability, ZingFront develops a Playable Ads product that can be customized with its accumulated strengths in technology and products. Compared to Playable Ads that are high in cost, long in delivery time and less in innovation, ZingFront releases Playable Ads that can be generated online. It allows access to all types of 2D trial playing as well as amazing 3D trial playing with less time a higher cost-performance ratio. With only one key, users can generate dozens of advertisement ideas of trial playing in batch.


Coming soon, please stay tuned.