Another Virtual Idols is comging,Zingfront launched “gege”

If you think this cute girl with a pink heart-shaped hair band in a uniform and boots is a Japanese anime character, you are wrong. She’sキズナアイ, also known to fans as Kizuna AI. She is the first virtual YouTuber around … Read MoreRead More

Alpha launch of PLAYABLE ADS and ZingFront with Conversation Rate Substantially Improved

Light application has become increasingly heated in 2017, defining the new trend of human-computer interaction, which can be embodied from Wechat light applet, Facebook Instant Apps and Microsoft Playable Ads. If previous texts, images and video can be identified as … Read More

The Best Ad Spying Tool SocialPeta Increases 2 Platforms for E-commerce Advertising:Pinterest and Shopify

The spring of 2018 brings more and more commercial advertisements and ways to improve business. SocialPeta, under Zingfront, which analyzes global advertising data, launches new important functions to further improve brands and help e-commerce advertisers succeed. Want to know more? … Read More

2017 Global Mobile Games Advertising Trend Report

Global Advertising Trend | ZingFront 2017 Annual Report

The size of global mobile advertising has been quickly on the rise – a pace only to be maintained for the next 3 years. Globally: The developed countries of Europe and North America boast a mature internet industry, with huge … Read More