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ZingFront and Join Hands in Promoting Mobile Games Overseas

At the beginning of the new year, ZingFront, which is dedicated to big data, 3D cloud and creative cloud, and, a domestic success of promoting leisure mobile games overseas, achieved efficient and targeted market data insight, creative information analysis … Read More

【PDF enclosed】2018 Year-end Report on Mobile Apps (Emerging Markets Section)

Public data show that the global spending on mobile application promotion has been increasing year by year, and the compound annual growth rate of 2017-2022 period is projected to reach 16.2%. As the industry entered the stock era in 2018, … Read More

NetEase Games establishes strategic partnership with ZingFront to drive games marketing with data

As national regulatory policies on gaming market become increasingly stringent, the growth of online games slows down while market competence gets obviously fiercer. The mode depending on growth and extensive promotion becomes outdated; instead, gaming operation tends to be more … Read More

【PDF enclosed】 2018 Annual Report on Global Mobile Advertising – Games

In 2018, the global landscape of games has seen its changes, and the market as a whole displays a high growth trend. The degree of limits from the domestic policies greatly affects the ups and downs of the industry. The … Read More

【PDF enclosed】Children English Education Market has great potential, K12 Education Market Craze Continues

At present, the education market competition is getting fiercer, and many new educational brands have won the favor of a large number of investors. As more capital got involved in the education industry, the whole education market is in the … Read More