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Internet finance with Huge Potential and heating up in Southeast Asia【PDF enclosed】

In the history of the world, “gold and silver” used to be the universally recognized currency in circulation. Based on the current trend of financial technology led by mobile payment, online banking and e-wallet, a new unified “world currency” may … Read More

2018 Global Marketing Summit | ZingFront Innovation Technology Helps to Win International Discourse

In 2018, the economic environment in China is turbulent. Changes in industries, capitals and consumption views have greatly affected the strategic development and marketing methods of enterprises. Another significant change is reflected on the acceleration of the globalization pace in … Read More

ZingFront Partners with DO Global to Create AI Advertising Ecosystem

AI technology accelerates the evolution of mobile Internet ads with extremely fast speed. From intelligent advertising to AI conception, the dissemination pattern and effect of ads are constantly innovated; from promotion of private enterprises to going globally, domestic enterprises win … Read More

Onlooking the Hot Advertising Materials of the Global E-Commerce Merchants in the Shopping Spree Season (with PDF Attachment)

From October to November this year, the top advertiser of shopping app in the domestic channel is JD. Small home appliances become one of its hot materials. The app with the most popular Double Eleven ads is Hunliji. On the … Read More

Gurus’ Arguments on App Flow and Creation

Mobile application developers have enough ways to gain flows and pop up marketing originalities, but more skills are needed if they want to get 120% of the effect. On the 15th, the “APP Flow Growth & Advertising Creative Strategy” sharing … Read More