Live3D - 3D Live, Video and Gaming Creation Cloud

Connect virtual with real world.

Live3D – Tell new stories with your heros


Combined with multiple core technologies,

Live3D lets everyone to realize your Live show or mini-movie production.

It has enormous 3D assets on cloud, such as clothes, props, effect , animations, …

3D Assets on Cloud

Rich selections, such as characters, animations, scenes, props, effects, clothes ...

Unique and powerful features

Lots of personalized setting and saving for free combinations by creators.

Realtime capturing and sync

Seamlessly let your avatar express, combined with your facial and behavior movements, and voice.

Show time on the fly

Without limits of device or place, you easily become one dreamy hero only by a simple PC.

Multiple shoot-modes

Choose different shoot-mode among actor-mode, director-mode, and dubbing mode

Flexible post-production

Besides realtime creation and preview, you has powerful editor to handle multiple clips and mini-stories, to finalize your movie.


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