Internet finance with Huge Potential and heating up in Southeast Asia【PDF enclosed】

In the history of the world, “gold and silver” used to be the universally recognized currency in circulation. Based on the current trend of financial technology led by mobile payment, online banking and e-wallet, a new unified “world currency” may emerge in the future. Taking financial apps in Southeast Asia as an example, mobile phone banking apps have good performance in terms of advertising volume and app downloads, while apps with accounting as the main function have maintained good activity.

Based on the “Global Channel Finance App” data tracked from November to December 2018, the ZingFront data team compiled and published a report on advertiser analysis, iOS and Google Play ranking analysis, and application download and user activity analysis in order to provide a reference for developers and advertisers in the financial sector. The following is an overview of the content of this report.

Banks strengthened their online layout, popularity of virtual currencyremains

(△ Top10 financial advertisers in Southeast Asia)

According to the SocialPeta’s data, the top two financial advertisers in the Top10 list, “Wells Fargo Mobile” and “Recharge, Pay Bills’ Shop”, are both bank apps. There are many Apps of credit financing in the list, such as “Tala Phillippines” “Rupiah Capat” and Kerdit Pintar. It is worth noting that although the bitcoin market is turbulent, the virtual currency trading application “Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin” is still in the top ten.

From the perspective of promotion strategy, “Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin” developed by Blockchain was promoted mainly by video advertisements, which are mainly put in Youtube in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and other countries.

Mobile payment and electronic accounting are more popular with iOS users

(△ Indonesia iOS Financial App ranking)

In Indonesia, a lot of apps launched by major banks are on the iOS Top Free App Ranking. Third-party mobile payment applications involving savings, loans, and wealth management are also quite active. On Top Paid and Best-selling List, apps for accounting, financial management, and capital flow analysis are more popular among users.

Take Money Lover: Expense Tracker, a financial management tool, as an example. Its promotion strategy is mainly based on pictures and video ads on Facebook. The total download trend in the past 30 days has remained stable. The main source of income is application purchase. The proportion of advertising revenue is not high.

Credit financing apps are more popular on Google Play

(△ Indonesian Google Play financial Apps ranking)

Different from the iOS rankings, in the Google Play ranking list in Indonesia, Top Free list is dominated by apps that offer loans, and on the Top Paid list are mainly accounting apps by third-party companies, while the Bestseller list is mostly occupied with apps that provide information on Indonesian stock market in addition to the accounting apps.

OVO, developed by PT Visionet International, ranks first on Top Free list in both iOS and Google Play store. Its promotion strategy is to put image ads on Facebook and Audience Network. The total download remains stable in the past 30 days and saw a small peak in early December.


Data Report on Southeast Asia Financial Apps