【PDF enclosed】Children English Education Market has great potential, K12 Education Market Craze Continues

At present, the education market competition is getting fiercer, and many new educational brands have won the favor of a large number of investors. As more capital got involved in the education industry, the whole education market is in the era of war, with many advertisers fighting for the market shares. In the current educational app market, K12 education advertisers are the most, while competition in children English education also intensifies.

Based on the data of 2018 Q4 Top 10 Educational Advertisers in China, the ZingFront data team compiled and published the educational app advertising report, analyzing the advertisers, ad creatives, app download and user activity, and providing a reference for educational app developers and advertisers. The following is an overview of the report.

K12 education occupies the main position, and the popularity of children English education continues to increase

(△ Educational advertisers Top10)

According to the SocialPeta data, among the Top 10 educational advertisers in China, TutorABC, focusing on adult English education, ranks the first; Sunlands Education, which focuses on academic and professional education, climbed to the second place of the rankings; K12 educational institutions such as VIPKID, DadaABC, and Zhangmen take up three places on the list. It is worth noting that, although TutorABC now focuses on adult English, it has been exploring the children English education market in recent years. Meanwhile, Sunlands Education’s video learning website, Ministudy, is also among the Top 10.

According to the 42nd Statistical Report on Internet Development in China published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 30, 2018, the number of online educational app users in China has reached 171.86 million, covering 21.4% of Chinese netizens. With the growth of the China online education market, online tutoring and online English education, which are the main types of online education, gradually occupy a dominant position.

Online tutoring Apps are more popular among children and parents

(△ Data analysis of tutoring app-Yangcong Math)

Unlike traditional offline education which finds it difficult to promote the national brands in small and medium cities and has extremely dispersed market share pattern, online education is developing rapidly by virtue of its multiple learning methods, high interactivity and open and shared resources. In particular, parents of young children are generally more willing to try different methods, which makes online tutoring more attractive to the parents.

As for online tutoring, apps such as Yangcong Math and Zhangmen have outstanding performance in daily active users, monthly active users and total downloads by means of various teaching methods and diversified content and forms.

E-learning advertising focuses on creativity and highlights interactivity

(△ VIPKID ad creatives)

Online tutoring apps emphasize forms and interaction, while e-learning app advertising values creative content. Take VIPKID as an example, the ad format is mainly image, and ads with funny cartoon characters and cases usually have great impression and are popular among children and parents.

(△ VIP Peilian ad creatives)

At the same time, VIP Peilian, providing one-on-one online music instrument training for teenagers aged 5-16, tells users on the ads that the company has received 150 million dollars series C funding and is cooperating with hundreds of colleges and universities, which guarantees resources for its development. In the selection of ad creatives, VIP Peilian directly presents its product functions to attract users at first glance, and releases the ad on a variety of channels.

SocialPeta provides not only the analysis of app download and activity, but also the thorough analysis of ad creatives, channels, ad impression, conversion, etc. With the help of our intelligent tools, we can help our customers to improve work efficiency and acquire accurate content and data.


2018 Q4 Educational App Data Report