【PDF enclosed】 2018 Annual Report on Global Mobile Advertising – Games

In 2018, the global landscape of games has seen its changes, and the market as a whole displays a high growth trend. The degree of limits from the domestic policies greatly affects the ups and downs of the industry. The mobilization and videoization of overseas marketing have also reached a new height. According to statistics, in 2018, the global game market has grown by 13.3%, and the global game market revenue has reached $137.9 billion, of which the mobile game market accounts for more than half for the first time; the number of global mobile game players has reached 2.2 billion, most of which are smartphone players.

Based on the advertising data of the game industry obtained during 2018, the ZingFront data team collated and released the report on perspectives including channels, advertisers, and creative materials, providing a reference for game developers and advertising agencies. The following is an overview of the content of this report.

Strategy and Puzzle Categories Account the Most in Global Channels, and Role-playing Accounts the Most in Domestic Channels

(△ The 2018 Ranking of Game Types Released on Facebook)

(△ The 2018 Ranking of Game Types Released on Toutiao)

According to the statistics on SocialPeta, among the game types released on Facebook, strategy tops the list; casino is at the second but the exposure is only half of strategy; this is followed by actions, arcades, and card which are within the top five. According to Google AdWords, puzzle tops the list, followed by arcades, card, actions, and strategy; sports, adventure, and racing are at the end of the list.

The distribution of game types in domestic channels is significantly different. Taking Toutiao as an example, role-playing ranks first with absolute advantage, and its exposure exceeds the sum of the second and third, strategy and actions; according to Tencent Social Ads, role-playing is also ranked first, and its exposure is more than two times of strategy; casino and arcades, which are popular in global channels, are ranked at the end in domestic channels on the contrary.

Android Versions Rank Top in Global Channels, Japan and South Korea Prefer iOS

(△ Top 10 Global Game Advertisers in 2018)

(△ Top 10 Game Advertisers in Japan and South Korea in 2018)

Based on the global distribution of creative materials for game advertisers, Android games are among the top eight places among the top ten and dominate the top six. The majority of games in North America and Southeast Asia is on Android. Japan and South Korea, on the other hand, account for 90 percent of the list with iOS. The game types mainly include role-playing, strategy, puzzle, education, etc.

Taking the marketing strategy of iOS version of role-playing shooting game Sniper 3D Assassin: Gun Games as an example, its advertising channels are mainly Google AdWords, Facebook, AppLovin, and Vungle and its creative materials are mainly Html pages and videos, and its types of media are extremely diversified, with the majority of entertainment, simulation, intelligence, and strategy.

Pictures Dominate in the First Half of the Year, with an Outbreak in Videos in the Last Half of the Year

(△ Trend of Game Advertiser Material Type Proportions in 2018)

In 2018, game creatives showed clearly differentiated trends. In the first and the second quarters, the picture materials accounted for a relatively high proportion, while in the third and the fourth quarters, video materials generally had a relatively high proportion, which conforms to the trend of video marketing in the second half of the year; Html material has a high growth rate in June and the fourth quarter. Playable has grown significantly since July and had an exponential growth in the fourth quarter. It is expected that Playable will still have much room for development in the future.

Taking Digital Painting: Coloring Game as an example. Two months after its Playable materials were released, there has been a display volume of 85M and a conversion of 39K; the delivery channels are mainly on AppLovin, and the delivery regions are mainly Germany, Canada, South Korea, France, and India.


2018 Annual Report on Global Mobile Advertising – Games