NetEase Games establishes strategic partnership with ZingFront to drive games marketing with data

As national regulatory policies on gaming market become increasingly stringent, the growth of online games slows down while market competence gets obviously fiercer. The mode depending on growth and extensive promotion becomes outdated; instead, gaming operation tends to be more elaborated. To adopt data as the basis to observe the market, aid decision-making, and improve creativity is one of the keys to rapid success in game marketing.

Whilst advocating “game’s charm can only be comprehended with love”, NetEase is creating more works that deserve the enthusiasm of the players on the basis of its own understanding about and love for games. With the mission to “enable business to create more with AI”, ZingFront helps businesses in investigating into the market with data and improving efficiency with smart marketing. Now, two companies have established solid cooperation in order to jointly realize efficient development in game marketing.

As games operation advances towards elaboration, data observation turns out to be the driving power

We can win every war by knowing ourselves and the enemy. The research, development and release of game products also demand data analysis to aid decision-making. The premise for arousing players’ interest and achieving emotional resonance is to have an insight into the players’ interest and psychology. An effective tool for expanding the market and improving transformation is prompt mastering of market moves and hot trends, in which data remains as the core drive power.

Under ZingFront, there is the largest intelligent advertising creativity platform in the world—SocialPeta that can provide over 0.5 billion data in total (5-20 times higher than that of its peers) and cover over 40 channels around the world. It can also provide the channel data about such vertical areas as Japan and Korea (such as Korean Naver and Daum, Japanese Ameba and Yahoo!Japan).

Depending on SocialPeta platform, NetEase Games can acquire creative information about game marketing field in time and promote its promotion decision-making and creative advertising efficiency. Based on data analysis, this platform offers all sorts of creativity analyses, including creativity period list based on days of launching, giant creativity list based on total amount of display and hot creativity list based on newly-added display amount.

On the other hand, SocialPeta also provides giant advertisers list and hot advertiser list of all types in the games field and more detailed data analyses of specific creative materials, days of creativity launching, total number of creativities, total amount of display, channel of launching, advertising media, type of media, hot copywriting, creativity tendency. Such rich yet elaborated advertising information will greatly help game developers in better understanding the market and competition layout, mastering the dynamic trend of advertising creativity as soon as possible, and improving decision-making efficiency and marketing effect.

In the increasingly commercialized mobile games market, information updating urgently demands higher time-effectiveness

In the online game market, mobile games take greater predominance with mobilization of people’s life and consumption. In addition, the competition layout of mobile games develops more towards commercialization and high quality. The players attach more importance to game experience and active choices. The chance-decided marketing psychology that relies on “extensive advertising” quickly loses its effect, whereas it is necessary to improve quality sense and get closer to customer demand again.

This partly accounts for why NetEase favors SocialPeta platform. In mobile App information, SocialPeta covers the information about the list of free downloads, list of paid downloads, hot sales, list of latest free and paid downloads in different regions and different game types through iOS and Google Play channels. When app subscription is concerned, it also provides data about download income and activity analysis.

As the general market gets tightened, the marketing and operation of game products need data in achieving prompt strategy and creativity adjustment. Elaborated work should be done in diversified channels so as to better transform and retain the users. NetEase will develop the most suitable game products to better match the players’ demand, and ZingFront will keep helping the business in raising efficiency with its data and AI.