ZingFront and Avid.ly Join Hands in Promoting Mobile Games Overseas

At the beginning of the new year, ZingFront, which is dedicated to big data, 3D cloud and creative cloud, and Avid.ly, a domestic success of promoting leisure mobile games overseas, achieved efficient and targeted market data insight, creative information analysis and intelligent creative production through intelligent marketing plans, advancing the overseas development of mobile games and even the technical growth of the game marketing sector.

Insight prior to marketing

Data insight is undoubtedly significant to marketing. For either deep understanding about consumers or real-time mastery of advertising information and market dynamics, the richness and accuracy of data have direct impact on the decision-making and effect of marketing. Avid.ly, a firm devoted to global release of leisure and lottery games, deeply knows that as an emerging game developer promoting games overseas, and that is also one of the reasons why Avid.ly pursues the cooperation with ZingFront.

ZingFront, since foundation, has been taking “empower the creativity of enterprises” as its mission and dedicated to helping enterprises make decisions with data, win the market with creativity and seize opportunities with videos. It owns the global largest advertising creativity information analysis platform– SocailPeta, able to provide over 500 million of data covering nearly 40 regions and mainstream channels globally.

Drawing on SocailPeta, ZingFront can help Avid.ly acquire the latest market information, advertising creativity material analysis and real-time dynamic monitoring over rivals so as to improve the efficiency of operation decision-making and the effect of games promotion, greatly reduce the marketing cost, save labors and shorten the promotion time.

Intelligentized creative production

In 2018, although China mobile game market continued to grow, the growth rate dropped year on year. That was mainly the result of changed user demand and increased difficulty of user acquisition. As the current game market changes from an increment market into a stock market, both ZingFront and Avid.ly believe “intelligent creativity” will become the recipe for success.

Apart from SocailPeta, ZingFront possesses the globally advanced advertising creativity intelligent production platform–UnrealFront. This product aimed at reducing professional threshold and enhancing the efficiency of creative production makes it possible for non-technicians to produce video ads and content-oriented short videos within 10 minutes only. Avid.ly, a pioneer of creativity and innovation, became the first to launch Avid.ly provided by ZingFront, accelerating and facilitating the production of video production and enhancing the effect. Recently, the latest module of ZingFront– “micro video” has been launched, making the production of creative advertisement more automated and intelligent.

At present, domestic game developers either seek overseas development or deeply explore subdivided market and operate users. And the key is “intelligence and efficiency”. It is believed that Avid.ly can achieve more innovative production and promotion of interactive advertising material so as to acquire higher quality traffic with lower cost and achieve successful marketing with intelligence.

About Avid.ly

Avid.ly derived from Holaverse. It is an international mobile game publisher founded at the end of 2014. Holaverse once published “Hola Launcher”, a globally best-selling Android home screen personalized app, and the one-hand operation tool Omni Swipe. Avid.ly, founded in 2016, is committed to global release of leisure and lottery games. More than one of its games have been recommended by Google and Apple app stores, such as Bingo Party, Tasty Treats, Royal Jackpot, Piggy Is Coming, Pet’s Island, Minions & Mayhem and Jumpball.io.