Interactive strategic cooperation of ZingFront and Blue Vision, deep rooting in the intelligent marketing crossing the sea

With the rapid development of global mobile Internet and the fierce competition in China’s domestic market, coupled with the guidance of government policies and the gradual opening of corporate ideology, Chinese enterprises’ group that aims to develop crossing the sea has been rapid expanded. The marketing of crossing the sea has risen, and it has been continuing to deeply root in the direction of intelligent products and services. Recently, ZingFront (Intelligence Line), which believes in corporate creative empowerment, has entered into strategic cooperation with Blue Vision which focuses on one-stop marketing. The Chinese corporates that use smart marketing won overseas.

Chinese companies crossing the sea and seeking for stability, precise and strength

According to public data, by the fourth quarter of 2017, there were 2,268 Chinese products crossing the sea, among which content and game apps were growing steadily and tool apps were relatively stable. In 2018, the actual sales revenue of China’s independently researched and developed online games in oversea market reached US$9.59 billion. The number increased by 15.8% year-on-year. In the past two years, the oversea demand for mobile Internet products of China had surged rapidly. And in the next few years, China’s sea-crossing enterprises and products will continue to maintain a steady upward trend. Intelligent marketing overseas has become a topic of focus.

The cornerstone of intelligent marketing lies in data, AI and technology, which is exactly the advantage of ZingFront which focuses on big data, 3D cloud, creative cloud technology and has the world’s largest advertising creative intelligence.

The analysis platform SocailPeta, which includes ad materials, creative data and market insights, covers nearly 40 regions and mainstream channels around the world and can analyze millions of advertising data by self.

The cornerstone of marketing is the resources, technology and services, and Blue Vision which is a subsidiary brand of BlueFocus Media is also professional in this category. As a Facebook-authorized advertising agent in China, it focuses on providing one-stop marketing solutions for overseas companies with international all-media flow resources, core technology engine and 7X24-hour integrated marketing services to meet diverse needs of advertisers.

The strong alliance between ZingFront and Blue Vision, on the one hand complements each other, combined with the accurate marketing data analysis of the former and the rich marketing experience of the latter to enhance the marketing efficiency and realization effect of the company, on the other hand pioneers and innovates in promoting the intelligence of marketing methods and large scale of overseas development by the joint efforts of the two parties. Such an alliance helps corporates to cross the sea in a stable, precise and strong way.

Data-assisted decision making, making marketing short, frequent and fast

At present, the overseas market has become an important source of income for Chinese companies, and the marketing overseas is increasingly pursuing short, frequent and fast effect. Blue Vision focuses on providing marketing solutions like advertising, account optimization, account management, technical services, data management, overseas social media KOL marketing and creative design. ZingFront always focuses on helping companies make decisions with data, winning the market with creativity, taking advantage of video. The combination of the two will be more than doubled and gain a great power.

UnrealFront, a product of ZingFront, is the world’s leading advertising creative intelligent creation platform. It can produce video advertisements and short content videos in 10 minutes. It integrates the advertising data of SocailPeta platform and the one-stop marketing platform of Blue Vision Interactive. In together, it will create many intelligent creative solutions that help more Chinese companies to market overseas efficiently.

According to statistics, Blue Vision has helped customers achieve more than 1.9 trillion advertising exposures, with an annual management budget of more than $3 billion, more than 100 business types in 244 countries and regions, and more than 58,000 accounts with over 4500 customers. ZingFront offers totally more than 500 million marketing data, 5-20 times higher than the industry average. What’s more, the newly upgraded SocailPeta platform can provide mobile app intelligence data covering iOS and Google Play.

The significance of strategic cooperation between the two parties lies not only in data intercommunication and resource sharing, but also in the overseas marketing that brought out an innovative model. It will be a bright future for Chinese corporates’ overseas development by using data to help decision-making and winning creativity with AI.