China First SaaS Tool for CinemaGraph Ads Creative is Coming!

From light show in the Forbidden City, to Starbucks cat claw cup and white rabbit ice cream, “attention economy” remains a useful tool in marketing. It has two catchy features: creativeness and rareness. Nowadays, a magical and effective advertising form, CinemaGraph Ads, not only has the above two advantages, but also offers the first SaaS tool that supports one-click ad production.

CinemaGraph Ads: Between Image and Video

CinemaGraph Ads is a creative form between image ads and video ads. By incorporating looping video elements in still photographs, it produces a magical display effect of motions in part of the subject contrasting with the whole still image.

Compared with short video, it has the advantages of small file size, convenient production, low cost and fast propagation. Compared with traditional GIF pictures, it can highlight the key information in the high-definition picture, and is more attractive for the mixture of motions and stillness. Compared with still photograph, it has better creativeness and propagation performance, and can improve CTR significantly.

In fact, CinemaGraph Ads is not a new thing in advertising, and has been used in marketing by Armani, Chanel, Tiffany, Lincoln, Coca-Cola and other famous brands. Judging from the case results, CinemaGraph Ads has made outstanding achievements in brand communication and performance marketing, and is expected to be a standard marketing method for enterprises as the short video in the moment.

It is worth mentioning that ZingFront has launched China’s first SaaS tool for CinemaGraph Ads, which supports one-click creative production, and offers thousands of creative templates, covering multiple mainstream industries, an efficient marketing tool for advertisers.

The First SaaS Tool: Producing in Seconds and increasing CTR

At present, ZingFront has upgraded its world-leading advertising creative platform UnrealFront. It has improved the efficiency and automation of the original ad creative production, and added a production section for CinemaGraph Ads creative. ZingFront has signed cooperation deals with a number of advertisers, increasing CTR by 46% on average.

In other words, UnrealFront platform can produce CinemaGraph Ads creatives by one click in a few seconds. High quality, low cost, simple and effective. Currently, it covers industries of financial loans, games, education and training, lifestyle and household, medical beauty, social apps, e-commerce, festival celebrations etc.

Viewing from the existing cases, ZingFront has brought over 150% CTR improvement for a real estate rental advertiser, increased CTR over the industry average for an online education advertiser, and produced more-than-expected marketing results for other clients.

Driven by data, technology and innovation, ZingFront is rapidly moving towards an automated, intelligent overall marketing solution. It will continuously work for the goal of providing more efficient marketing tools for advertisers, with bright prospects lying ahead.