【PDF enclosed】Advertising trend of global popular game publishers in Q1, 2019

In 2019, domestic game market recovers while overseas pattern becomes increasingly mature. “Advertisement liquidation” is one of the primary demands of the developers. As for creative material, the video type is still eye-catching, and playable ads have stable performance; as for the channels, AppLovin, ironSource and UnityAds are shortening their gap with the Top, Facebook and Google.

ZingFront data team collated and released the promotion trend analysis of global popular publishers in the first quarter of 2019, respectively presenting the quarterly and monthly data of China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and America to provide references for game developers and publishers. The following is the content overview of this report.


China: new games are vigorously promoted while classic games are in stock


Influenced by policy, Chinese game market was dominated by such magnates as Tencent Games, NetEase Games and PERFECT WORLD GAMES, and small and medium enterprises were restrained. The game with the most creative materials of Tencent was “PUBG MOBILE”, whose creative material types were uniform, mainly published on Facebook, Google Adwords and Audience Network. For NetEase, “Phantoms in the City of Tang” boasted the largest creative material quantity. The principal material type was video, launched on AppLovin, UnityAds, NetEase, Youku, Tik Tok, Toutiao, etc.

According to the monthly data trend, “Perfect World”, co-developed by Tencent Games and PERFECT WORLD GAMES, was vigorously promoted after being published in March. “Red Alert Online”, launched in Q4 last year saw a considerable increase in material quantity in February and a slight drop in March. Three games of NetEase witnesses a drop in creative material quantity; “Glory of Empire” saw a remarkable rise; “Phantoms in the City of Tang” that ranked top 1 remained stable.


Japan: the creative material types and channels are concentrative


In Japan, the new game of BANDAI NAMCO’s “One Piece Bounty Rush” saw the highest creative material quantity overall in Q1, especially a remarkable rise in February; “Square Enix”, which is good at RPG games, had FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS reach the highest creative material quantity in Q1 and made it drop in March. The creative materials were mainly video and Html, put on Facebook, Google Adwords, Audience Network, UnityAds, etc.


Europe and America: diversified material, multiple channels, steady promotion


In Europe and America, the classic game of Supercell’s “Clash Royale” performed quite well in Q1 with the steadily grow month after month; the games of the social game firm Zynga saw their creative material quantity considerably bigger than that of other firms, among which “Gin Rummy Plus” remarkably dropped in February and steadily rose in March. Europe and America boasted diversified creative material types and multiple release channels, covering Facebook, Google Adwords, AppLovin, Vungle, Audience Network, etc.


South Korea: Focused on head flow, low image creativity


In South Korea, Net Marble’s “Iron Throne” that was released last year had the largest creative material quantity despite a remarkable drop in February this year. Its main material types were video and Html, published on Facebook, Audience Network, UnityAds, Toutiao, Tencent Social Ads; NEXON’s games with top creative material quantities saw no big difference overall. As for monthly trends, “AxE: Alliance vs Empire” had its advertising amount constantly increased while the rest two games witnessed a drop. In terms of creative materials, picture ads were less used in South Korea, and the promotion channels were focused on head data flow covering the globe.


Advertising trend of global popular game publishers in Q1, 2019