2019 CONTENT TOKYO| Blockbuster-level Appearance of ZingFront Intelligent Marketing Program

SaaS marketing products and related intelligent technologies have been pushed to the forefront since the second half of 2018. On the one hand, they are benefited from the rising appeal of industrial Internet and marketing automation; on the other hand, they influence the redefinition of the entire market structure. “Enabling enterprise growth with AI” is the mission that ZingFront has always been adhering to, and the intelligent marketing software program provided by ZingFront has not only helped many domestic enterprises in efficiency improvement, but also received high praise in the recent exhibition, CONTENT TOKYO.

As the largest trade show for content production, creation and issuance, CONTENT TOKYO has been smoothly held in Tokyo on April 3-April 5, 2019. CONTENT TOKYO is a comprehensive exhibition consisting of 7 specialized tread shows related to content. This is the venue where content creators, distributors, solution/technology providers, marketing companies, and licensing professionals get together under one roof. Cross-border business opportunities are brought about by co-locating these events. About 1,400 exhibitors from Japan and around the world, more than 46,000 people attended the exhibition this year.

Assistance in decision-making, insight into intelligence, and grasp of opportunity with advertising data

CONTENT TOKYO has always attracted worldwide attention. It is not only a good opportunity for the content industry development and transnational cooperation business, but also the preferred channel for a number of licensees and agents to enter the Japanese market. In the exhibition, ZingFront showed the technical logic, service content and advantage value of its subordinated intelligent marketing software solutions to the global participants in Japanese and English respectively, thus attracting many large advertising agencies and well-known game enterprises to consult and negotiate.

The advertising market data analysis platform arousing the interest of enterprise representatives was the iterative product researched and developed by ZingFront early; it could provide more than 500 million data volume covering the mainstream regions and channels around the world by virtue of rich data accumulation and functional framework, so as to make enterprises quickly learn the market dynamics and industry information, facilitate trend judgment, and assist decision-making.

Some visiting enterprises mentioned: “In the online era, data is increasingly becoming a weapon for companies to scramble for, and users will no longer present offline as individuals, but live on the Internet with data characteristics. So, if a company wants to obtain users, it has to acquire data first.”

AI could enable originality creation, enhance efficiency, and snatch market share


A big signal was released in the CONTENT TOKYO this year: AI technology and related technologies, such as VR/AR/MR would rapidly gain momentum. Not only the number of such brand owners participating in the exhibition was much more than that in the previous years, the crowd was also mostly in the discussion of technical cooperation. ZingFront’s advertising creative creation platform was eye-catching for its efficient production mode and innovative material effect.

Especially in this year, the first domestic CinemaGraph Ads SaaS tool was newly launched. Its advantages of one-click generation of originality, and inclusion of thousands of templates were highly sought after in the exhibition site. All enterprises discussed product functions in detail with sales representatives and hoped to seek cooperation opportunities. It could be said that, ZingFront has taken a firm step to the road of marketing automation.

The three-day CONTENT TOKYO conference has come to a successful conclusion in the in-depth exchange and cooperation among global elite enterprises. While showing the technological strength of China to the world market, ZingFront has also gained international trends and cutting-edge technologies. With confidence and responsibility, ZingFront will continue to develop smart technologies to help more businesses to increase efficiency.