ZingFront joins hands with KingNet to aggregate global marketing data on the basis of AI

With the change of marketing patterns, the communication means such as market insight, advertising technology and intelligent platform are gradually upgraded from the competitive status that “we have what others do not have” to “we can do better than others”, therefore, the focus is the improvement of marketing efficiency and effect. Adhering to the corporate mission that “Enable business to grow more with AI” since the beginning of its establishment, ZingFront has upgraded and iterated its technological products continuously, assisted numerous advertisers to achieve efficient marketing and cooperated with KingNet to launch innovative and intelligent creative communication jointly.


Market Insight Drives Marketing Strategy

Shanghai Kingnet Technology Co., Ltd. is an internet enterprise which owns mobile internet traffic entrance, integrates product research and development as well as platform operation and specializes in games, platforms and entertainment products such as National Miracle and XY. com. As the game industry starts to march forward to the new track of the best quality and globalization currently, the alliance between KingNet and ZingFront can customize the marketing program with lower costs and higher efficiency so as to obtain global word-of-mouth and Internet Traffic monetization.

For one thing, ZingFront has advanced advertising technology, rich marketing experience and a professional research and development team and can assist KingNet to obtain marketing information such as specific and customized market insight at home and abroad, analysis of creative materials and trends of similar products so as to facilitate to develop effective marketing strategy and creative design plan.

For another thing, UnrealFront, as a world leading advertising creativity platform of ZingFront, can produce creative materials of high quality and high innovation such as production of 3D video in ten minutes and production of Cinemagraph in seconds at the cost much less than the industry average so as to enhance the production efficiency and communication effect of advertising creativity greatly.

UrealFront Cinemagraph creative case

Intelligent Technology Energizes Creative Realization

Different from the professional operation threshold of similar products on the market, the creative production platform developed by ZingFront is more intelligent and with low threshold. In respect of UnrealFront, it includes various creative models of different industries and different styles and the operation interface of its front end is relatively “simple” so that the marketing personnel can learn it fast, use it easily and present the finished product with high quality so as to lower creative realization difficulty and costs and improve the output efficiency of materials largely. And these are the creative effects that KingNet expects to achieve.

Especially after the total upgrade and revision of UnrealFront by ZingFront this year, Cinemagraph creation function is added on the basis of more efficient production of 3D video creativity and Playable Ads so as to improve the advertising creativity and effect of Kingnet further.

Cinemagraph is a communication form which has more communication power than traditional dynamic pictures and more convenience than short videos. At present, it has a good development trend and enjoys a high reputation and recognition from both advertisers and consumers or will have significant development in future.

As both the market and the users change, the technology must be changed. ZingFront and KingNet know the power of intelligent technology very well, cooperate to promote the prosperous development of mobile internet and advertising technology and make joint efforts to elevate marketing effect, aggregate global traffic and build harmonious internet ecosystem.