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ZingFront joins hands with KingNet to aggregate global marketing data on the basis of AI

With the change of marketing patterns, the communication means such as market insight, advertising technology and intelligent platform are gradually upgraded from the competitive status that “we have what others do not have” to “we can do better than others”, … Read More

2019 CONTENT TOKYO| Blockbuster-level Appearance of ZingFront Intelligent Marketing Program

SaaS marketing products and related intelligent technologies have been pushed to the forefront since the second half of 2018. On the one hand, they are benefited from the rising appeal of industrial Internet and marketing automation; on the other hand, … Read More

【PDF enclosed】Advertising trend of global popular game publishers in Q1, 2019

In 2019, domestic game market recovers while overseas pattern becomes increasingly mature. “Advertisement liquidation” is one of the primary demands of the developers. As for creative material, the video type is still eye-catching, and playable ads have stable performance; as … Read More

China First SaaS Tool for CinemaGraph Ads Creative is Coming!

From light show in the Forbidden City, to Starbucks cat claw cup and white rabbit ice cream, “attention economy” remains a useful tool in marketing. It has two catchy features: creativeness and rareness. Nowadays, a magical and effective advertising form, … Read More

Interactive strategic cooperation of ZingFront and Blue Vision, deep rooting in the intelligent marketing crossing the sea

With the rapid development of global mobile Internet and the fierce competition in China’s domestic market, coupled with the guidance of government policies and the gradual opening of corporate ideology, Chinese enterprises’ group that aims to develop crossing the sea … Read More