Main Business

Big Data Processing

ETL of Billions of data monthly
Distributed and automatic workflow
Hundreds of global regions and network

3D Avatar Cloud Service

Deep-learning generative modeling
Motion capturing and audio simulation
Animation and style transfer algorithms

Storyline-based 3D-Video Creation

Smart DAG models
GPU-based 3D-computing cloud infrastructure
Cloud-gaming story mode

Animated Creative Creation

Cloud auto-rigging and skinning
Animated framework combined with CV and bones
Adaptive smooth and fitting algorithms


Partners and Trusted Users

News and Information

ZingFront Launches Brand-new “Playable Ads”, Set Interaction Ads to Explode in Game Industry

Recent pages are flooded by no doubt “Super Heroes”, which have won a box office far higher than the other on-show films. It is undisputed to say that we live in an era of eyeball economy, and those who can … Read MoreRead More

Featured Post

Another Virtual Idols is comging,Zingfront launched “gege”

If you think this cute girl with a pink heart-shaped hair band in a uniform and boots is a Japanese anime character, you are wrong. She’sキズナアイ, also known to fans as Kizuna AI. She is the first virtual YouTuber around … Read MoreRead More

Featured Post

Alpha launch of PLAYABLE ADS and ZingFront with Conversation Rate Substantially Improved

Light application has become increasingly heated in 2017, defining the new trend of human-computer interaction, which can be embodied from Wechat light applet, Facebook Instant Apps and Microsoft Playable Ads. If previous texts, images and video can be identified as … Read More

Featured Post

About Zingfront

Zingfront, founded in November 2015, based in Beijing and has subsidiaries in Wuhan, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. It's a company focused on big data, 3D technology, video cloud, and creative cloud software. ZingFront's mission is to empower the company to create; use data to make decisions, use video to take the initiative, and use creativity to win the market. We have customers covered dozens of countries, tens of thousands of customers, and have strategic cooperation with numerous platforms and channels.

• Founded

• Core team builded

• Seed funding ten million RMB  

• SocialPeta released

• Complete PRE-A funding

• Customers covered many first-tier companies

• Started to establish Wuhan, Hong Kong and San Francisco offices 

• Socialpeta’s data volume becomed the largest in the world, covering dozens of channels and countries around the world

• Released the world’s first 3D product – Unrealfront

• The only Chinese company recommended at the Facebook Global Summit

• Collaborated with Domob, Toutiao, Baidu and other first-tier companies

• Cooperation with 70% of domestic  large and medium-sized companies and platforms

• Over 80% of cooperative customers come from overseas customers

• Completed RMB 100 million round A and A+ financing rounds

• Praised as ‘disruptive technology’ at Facebook Beijing Conference

• ‘Disruptive technology’ begins to enter the short video and live broadcast

• Begins to establish Shanghai and Guangzhou Branch